Muslim Men stopping Muslim women from becoming Labour Councillors?

 There is an interesting story over at the BBC -

In the article it states that Muslim Women's Network UK has written to Jeremy Corbyn demanding an enquiry.

The article also mentions some smear campaigns that have been used to discredit candidates.

As someone who is not involved in any political party so I can't really verify or comment on the types of claims mentioned and if it is normal business (with perhaps men also being trargetted with different types of smear campaigns?) but it is an interesting read.



Interesting article, and if true it shows that Muslim men are too biased and are probably insecure.

Muslim women mix with non muslim woman far more then Muslim men mix with non muslim men. Purely through the fact that they have more in common with other women.

Child birth, Child rearing etc through mixing at clinics and at the school gates.

There is a saying, educate a man and you just educate a man. But educate a woman and you educate a family/new generation.

Let Woman take more of a role in life, you won't lose respect and you may even learn something.