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The cult of 9/11


This prog just finished, it was on channel 4, and it was soooo heart breaking that there are people out there that call themselves muslin yet they fail to follow Quran and Sunnah!!

It made my blood boil,

this one dude who was a british citixen and was part of the israelis suicide bombings made a video with a fellow british citizen, sumthing like sharif and hanif were the surnames!! what upset me the most is they were trying to condem and preach t othersto follow what the were doing and trying say it was ryte and it was sharia


Iam sorry I vaguley remeber seeing a thread with this name but I couldnt seem to find it.

I have always been told that participating in the lottery/ looto is haraam. simply because the winnings are not halal, as any money we as muslims have or earn has to be worked for, has to come from our own "flesh and blood" so to say. Any money made from the selling of alcohol or other haraam substances is haraam and so is the lotto.

However I have also been told that when Allah(swt) wills he gives and when he wills he takes.



"Our Lord and Sustainer, do not condemn us if we forget or do wrong. Our Lord and Sustainer, do not put a burden on us like the burden You put on those who were before us. Our Lord and Sustainer, do not put a burden on us that we cannot endure. And blot out (our sins) and forgive us, and be gentle to us. You are our Protector. So help us against the rejectors." (Surah al-Baqarat ayah 286)


full article



this was e-mailed to me today i agree with most of it

Assalam o Alaikum,

it's a great article, do read..

The Ummah is a stalled Car

Nusheen Ameenuddin

Picture yourself piling into a car with your fellow MSA members, about to embark on yet another road trip to an Islamic conference. Everyone is excited about hearing their favorite speakers, meeting old friends, making new connections. But what would happen if this buoyant busload came to a screeching halt?

Think of how your group would behave if suddenly you were stuck on the road, while dozens of cars raced by. Would you be disappointed, disillusioned, dormant, or determined to get your vehicle running again?