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is my zakat being used in the right way?

im rather upset and concerned.

one Indian was asking for zakat in my local mosjid. he said it was to help old widows, to help they're daughters to get married.

im confused. India is fast becoming a super power. dr Zakir Naik has said India will become a super power soon. they manufacture cars, they have bolywood they even have a space program.

Al Qaida

ask yourself a question before answering my question please.

if Russia was first against Islam, in Afghanistan America aided the Mujahidin. why is Al Qaida not attacking Russia?

three Al Qaida suspects arrested in Spain. one Turkish(mediator) and two Russians. is Russia behind Al Qaida?


is splitting tawheed into three bidah?

splitting tawheed is certanly not wajib but is it bidah? 

rasulullah sallallahu waseil wa salim never mentioned tawheed split into three. its not like its a small thing like swallowing phlem wile fasting, its tawheed. the most important concept in Islam. are we not saying the Prophet (pbuh) was forgetfull by spliting it? is it not bidah? and the worst bidah at that?

was Bin Laden a friend or enemy of Islam


Allah says in the Qur'an what means:
{Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities.Lo! Allah loves not, aggressors.}* (Al-Baqarah 2:190)

The above permission to fight clearly lays down the following conditions: (1) Never commit aggression; fighting is allowed only for self-defense. (2) Fighting must never be against non-combatants or non-fighting personnel.

akhwanee in the mosjid dont benefit me...

akhwanee in the mosjid dont benefit me...

most brothers in the mosque dont have time to talk and the ones that do either give me missinformation or bidah.

i find better discussions and advice in coffee shops.

i heard of a hadith that stated one person asked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) if something was truth and he replied yes. after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked if the person knew who had said that truth to which the person replied no. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) then said that truth had been told by iblis. 

the point is to take truth from anywhere i think. if it is truth, hak it matters not where it comes from.

i wish i could learn more of the brothers in the mosque...

Army or Police?

why do we have army and police? why not just police?

well what i see physicaly is the army killing people overseas. no achievements. no change. just killing.

police is nessesary but why army? for example british troops killing people in the middle east. Ummah taking over britain.

who is winning if its a war? the british kill a few and then eventually leave. wile the Ummah is here to stay and spreading.

type "islam will take over the world in 50 years" on

i think we should all scrap the army and focus on having a strong loyal but Conscientious police force.

what is the purpouse of the army? why do we really need them?

the fear of God (Allah)

the west fear God but disobey him because they think hes so mean. the middle east don't fear God because they obey him. religion is dangerous as it can destroy the fear of God. when you fear getting caught doing a crime you really fear God (or karma). likewise when you feel no fear of getting caught you believe God will forgive you. i dont pray to go to heaven. i pray because i love God.