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Just interested in what islam say about suspicion. It seem it become very common amoungst muslims today. People are all too quick to judge today assuming stuff and at the same time, it always affecting their perception of a situation.

[quote]Islam aims at establishing its society on clearness of conscience and mutual trust, not on doubts, suspicions, accusations and mistrust. Hence this ayah mentions the fourth prohibition by which what is to be held sacred among people is safeguarded: O you who believe, avoid (indulging in) much suspicion; truly some suspicion is a sin.

Halal Entertainment

I always found this subject rather interesting, after going to a speech by a scholar. Because afterwards, i realise that there a very limited amount of halal entertainment round. Well very little seem good enough for the youth as it all about short term buzz, which there is no halal way to compenstate for that in islam IMO.

Does such a concept even exist. Because where entertainment is concern, alot of the time it involve you leaving your obligation too allah swt. Like playing football through Namaaz times, being abusive to ur fellow man, while playing it.

School Days

I was just wondering what people thought of their school life and whether it help them as individual. I can tell we have quite a few school kids on the forum nowadays as well. :roll:

I personally think there something seriously worng with schooling today, i can't believe how i manage to leave school with Qualifications, my whole day involved playing cards and reading the newspapers. Same can be said of formal education as a whole even after school.

But the thing that worry me is, how little impact 12 year of schooling can have on idividual, the teacher were out of touch when i was there and the fact that it so thoery based, is too the disadvantage of many IMO.

Following the one Shaykh?

I always found this a interesting subject and as there a discussion going on about it, it would be good to get some opinion on this.

I personally don't see the point of following one shaykh, maybe that say alot about me as a indivdual. But I think that it good to get alot of opinion on a certain subject before you make a decision. I never go on my own whims but i look to who IMO provides the strongest evidence. I also think that following one shaykh [b]could [/b] make someone rigid when they look at other groups and individual.

Problem Page

If I remember right this was Seraph job to be the agony uncle. As it seem we have alot of new members and alot of them seem to have problems, i think it would be a good idea to set one up again.

So if anyone has any problem, ask and I sure it will be answered.

I am not a good muslim, I am a better muslim then you?

What with the new way of thinking. Yes I am talking about having the 'holier than thou' attitude. Why are lot of muslims occupied with what other practicing muslims are up too. Surely what going on the street should occupy our thoughts much more.

More muslims are on drugs, fornication is on the rise and divorce rate are higher then ever within the muslims community, so why are some people still occupied with how much halwa people eat. Too me this doesn’t make sense. People are making a issues over what seem like non issues too me.

Is it a question of superiority or something.

Islam and the Media

I find it very interesting to see the relationship that Islam and the media has. Who is exactly to blame for Islam being seen so negative in the media. Is it muslims fault as a whole, or is a small monority to blame only.

Does Islam even need the media, what can it do for Islam? Could it be said that the people who are in charge of the media outlet have a agenda against Islam.

What can exactly been done to influence the media and project Islam in the right light?

True Islam?

I heard this thinking being floated much more of late, people talking about true islam. What exactly is True Islam? It seem that people alway comment on true islam whether they are confronted with a interperation of islam that they don't like whether it too harsh or moderate.

I alway consider there to be only one Islam, So I interested to know what people consider True Islam to be. What is exactly are the criteria for True Islam.

Shaykh, Scholars and Jamaat

I just interesting to know who the people who post on the revival follow and why and if indeed you don't follow anyone why u don't.

I personally don't follow anyone at the mo, but I would find it interesting if people give their account on who they follow and why they follow him/them and what kind of benefit they gain from it. Hopefully we can do this without anyone attacking what the other person thinks. Also people who are looking, what quality are you looking for and whether you feel it necessary to follow someone, because at times I don't.