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West oppresses women


Europe claims that it protects women’s right. 
It also claims it gives freedoms. 
It also makes a lot of the claims. 

Lets check European claims. 

Have a good look at this photo of the brutal French police forcing a female to take off her cloths on a beach in southern city of Nice. 

This was not in 1716. 
No. It was in 2016. 

Women are still not allowed to wear what they want in modern Europe!!

Some gullible people were still living under the delusion of West’s claims “freedom and human rights for women”. 


Now we all know, don’t we?

Look at this picture of France moral police: 

I am getting married

2015 is my year.

I am getting married after 2 months.

As you know Shias Muslims dont get marry during holy month of Muharram because it is a sad month of mourning. We remember Prophet’s grandson Imam Husayn. He was murdered by Yazid the tyrant.

So after 60 days are passed I will get married in month of Prophet’s Birth, Rabi al Awal. Inshallah.

I found a good female. She was Ahl Hadith. Now she and her 3 brothers have converted path of Ahl ul Bayt. She is now a Shia Muslim. I liked her and now I asked her last month. She said yes.

I am so happy. 

See my Malik blog:

Imam Husayn - The Way to Paradise

Hasan and Husayn are greatly loved by Allah

The Holy Prophet also loved Hasan and Husayn.

The Prophet told his Sahabas to love them too.

Both were his grandsons. They were 6 and 7, when the Holy Prophet died.


There are many hadith about Imam Husayn which really open you mind if you think about them.

For example, reflect on this one:


The Prophet said: Husayn is from Me, and I am from Husayn.


This is truly a remarkable Hadith. How can a grandnfather be from his own grandson?

Its a mindboggling Hadith.

It must mean that the grandfather and his mission was saved by his grandson.


Hijab up or Burn in Hell


Muslim scholars say that women who don't want to wear hijab will burn in the fire of hell.
Allah will punish girls who want to show off their bodies on the street or in work or at collage. Allah does not like Muslims to follow shameless culture of Kafirs. They let their daughters sleep with everyone in the office or at school. Allah hates such disgraceful actions.

Kafirs want our pious women to be naked like their disgraceful women who show bodies everywhere to all men.

Some Muslims women who have some weaknessnes in them, they give in to pressures by their kafir friends and so they stop wearing Hijab.

Pious women want to wear it. But west forces them to take it off.

Are you Intro or Extro

Who are you?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Please be honest.

BBC: 27 March 2012

Extrovert power

Do we discriminate against introverts?

Do we really give introverts a hard time?

It is often assumed extroverts do best in life, but according to a new best-selling book, introverts are just as high achievers. It claims there is a bias towards extroverts in Western society. So do we discriminate against introverts?

Barack Obama, JK Rowling and Steve Wozniak.

They might not immediately stand out as introverts, but according to Susan Cain, American author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts In a World That Can't Stop Talking, they are.

UK riots blamed on poor famlies

they simply blame the riots on poor black families...

Riot report reveals '500,000 forgotten families'

A lack of support and opportunity for young people contributed to the outbreak of riots in England last summer, an independent report says.

The Riots, Communities and Victims Panel, set up last year, highlights "500,000 forgotten families".

Poor parenting, an inability to prevent reoffending, and a lack of confidence in the police were also cited.

Schools which fail to teach pupils to read and write should be fined, it said.

The report is just one of several investigating the causes of the riots - which spread after the death of Mark Duggan in Tottenham on 4 August.

Ayatollah may convert Prince William

Some members of the British Royal Family may convert to Islam.

British Military expert who converted to Islam is now teaching Prince William.

It is feared that "The RAF Ayatollah" may be able to influence the future King of England and convince him to become a Muslim.

America is worried.

Here is the explosive article in the top U.S. Magazine the AMERICAN THINKER.

The Ayatollah in the RAF

Academic university head is Muslim convert.

7 August 2011

Dr Joel Hayward, the head of the Royal Air Force pilot training college is a convert to Islam.

Prince William is being given flying lessons by Dr Hayward.

America getting ready for War on Islam


Tea Party is extremist political party like the BNP which is bent on removing Islam from United States. EDL and other White racists love this movement.

Indoctrinating Americans to Hate Muslims

Will Anti-Muslim Crusade Bring Blood to America?

The act of right-wing Christian terrorism in Norway last week had many American influences and the anti-Muslim demagoguery that drove Anders Breivik has deeply embedded itself within the fascist Republican Tea Party as well as the Christian Right. An extremely volatile mix ensuring that in 2012 there will be a possibility of blood in the streets.

"Israel today, Israel tomorrow, and Israel forever."

- Pastor John Hagee

USA Harrasses Muslim Women

America is now breaking its own morals and rules.

Fall of the Satanic Empire is near.

Muslim woman sues US firm over hijab

Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:0AM

A Californian Muslim woman has sued American retailer Abercrombie & Fitch for firing her for refusing to remove her religious headscarf while at work.

Hani Khan, a former stockroom worker in California took federal court action against the clothing retailer for illegally firing her after she insisted on wearing her hijab, the Associated Press reported.

France hates Islam

France and Islam

Gavin Hewitt - BBC, Monday, 4 April 2011

Even while French planes are bombing Gaddafi's forces in Libya France itself is debating Islam and its place in society.

Tomorrow Jean-Francois Cope, a rising star in the governing UMP party, will hold a debate on secularism and Islam. Its purpose will be to explore how to accommodate Islamic customs with France's secular traditions.

The very idea of the debate has sparked argument. Some Muslims say it will stigmatise them. A former diversity adviser to President Sarkozy has not only stood down but is calling for demonstrations against the debate. He says the UMP party is a "plague on Muslims".