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Shia Muslim wife is the best wife

Some women are good and some are bad. Similarly some men are bad and some are good.

We all want a good partner when we get married. But who are the best men and women to marry?
I say Shia Muslim wife is best of all women to get married to. Shia Muslim women are pious, loyal, and very Islamic. They love their husband and they bring up children in the best way. Husbands love their Shia Muslim wives. Husband can rely on her, can trust her and he does not doubt her in any way. She is his precious gift from God.  Shia women are most loved women on Earth. The heart of husband and wife is happy because they love God and His Prophet and the Holy Family. God loves them. They love each other. Shia Muslims females are best females to marry. Shia Men are best husbands to marry.

Iran v USA



Ayatollah Khamanei said his nation is ready to take on the might of America in any war.

In a speech, Iranian leader said U.S. would face an "iron fist".

Iran has never been defeated by United Stated since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Washington is desperate to break that record. It wants to show that it can achieve victory against Iran.

It is currently using the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, to wip up fear of Iran. Aim is to make Arab nations take on Iran. That is because U.S. itself fears a war with Iran. It is in no position to confront Iran. U.S. forces are already struggling badly against the poorly armed Talibans. Some experts even speak of imminent defeat for America in Afganistan.

9/11 sees rise of Shias


Shia Islam converting Salafies

Since 9/11, a new phenomenon is being observed across the Middle East. Shia Islam is making inroads among the Arabs.

King Abdullah of Jordan was the first head of state that voiced Arab fears of emerging power of Iran in the world.

Even back in 2004, the King Abdullah II of Jordan said he fears a "Shi'ite Cresent" on the rise in the Middle East.

Shias Value Females



For men of Shia Islam, women are special status human beings.

That is why males do not stare at women. Men keep their eyes lowered. They honour women. Females are highly valued by Shia mulsims. Ask any Shia female how much they are appreciated by Shia men.

Shia females are respected the most in the world. Women know their high value in the eyes on Shia males.

Shia men highly regard females. They love their wives. They love their daughters. They love their sisters. They are very respectful to all women.

In Shia history, the holy ladies such as Fatima and Zaynab are models of beauty, peace, truth and justice.

This love is what Imam Ali, the Saint of God, has given to Shia men.