Shia Muslim wife is the best wife

Shia Wife

Shia Muslim wife is best.

Some women are good and some are bad. Similarly some men are bad and some are good.

We all want a good partner when we get married. But who are the best men and women to marry?
I say Shia Muslim wife is best of all women to get married to. Shia Muslim women are pious, loyal, and very Islamic. They love their husband and they bring up children in the best way. Husbands love their Shia Muslim wives. Husband can rely on her, can trust her and he does not doubt her in any way. She is his precious gift from God.  Shia women are most loved women on Earth. The heart of husband and wife is happy because they love God and His Prophet and the Holy Family. God loves them. They love each other. Shia Muslims females are best females to marry. Shia Men are best husbands to marry.

I am marrying a collage friend. She was a Sunni Muslim but has converted to Shia Islam. Her brothers also converted but her parents are still Sunni Muslims. Actually they are Ahl Hadith which is like a Salafi sect of Islam. She was very good in her studies. I asked her after she converted. She said yes.

All my friends Sunnis and Shias who are married admit that Shia wife is the best. Other females such as Sunni, Salafi etc are alright, but Shias are amazing. I am telling you Shia ladies and Shia men are the best. Shia women are the most honest, loyal and pious females in the world.