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Haj 2010: Iran slams West


Iran Leader: Hajj symbol of Monotheism

Mon Nov 15, 2010

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has described the annual Hajj pilgrimage as a symbol of monotheism and spirituality.

"During the Hajj season, the Ka'ba, which is the secret to unity and dignity, and the symbol of monotheism and spirituality, hosts enthusiastic and hopeful individuals, who converge on the birthplace of Islam, from across the world in response to God Almighty's invitation," said the Leader in a message on the occasion of the annual Hajj rituals.

Shia Teachings


"Longing for this world brings about worry and sadness, doing without in this world brings ease to the heart and body."

Prophet Muhammad

"The truly powerful person is the one who has conquered himself."

Prophet Muhammad

"Charity brings abundance for the one who gives it, so give charity, God will have mercy on you."

Prophet Muhammad

"Indeed, he who treats people fairly even though it be to his detriment, is only increased in worth and honour by God."

Imam Muhammad Baqir

"Kindness is half of life."

Imam Musa Kazem