How to be Grateful

Ive always wondered how to thank Allah subhanahou wata'ala.

I knew all about how to ask for forgiveness and how it was quite a process, but i thought, "what about thanking Allah?" saying Alhamdoulillah surely couldnt be enough? wasn't there a set pattern? something specific to do?

then i found . and i'm so glad i did. (its less than 2 mins, dont be scared...)

It does seem a lot harder, a lot more complicated. and a more constant thing. But after reflecting, we have a lot more to be grateful for.

War against Islam

Forgive me if i am wrong but to me it looks like alot of the world is in a war against Islam and i don't know why. Are they afraid, do they just hate muslims or is it something else?

Why is there war, occupations or interventions in Muslim countries e.g. Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc.

Why are there bans on the Burkha in France?

This is just the recent activity i am seeing, this has been going on for centuries.

What i want to know is why they are doing this, i mean is there a reasonable explanation for all of this?

The other thing i wanted to know is if we as muslims in the UK and other surrounding countries where we are free to practice Islam have a duty towards our fellow muslims in these suffering countries?

Practicing Made Easy

hi omg i just had a thought when i was writing something
i have prayed in the past for Allah (swt) to help me become a better muslim.
and recently i keep having alot of thoughts to do with islam and right and wrong and the hereafter and the future and judgement day and soooo much and when i have these thoughts it actually feels soooo real.
it makes me want to be a better muslim and i mean a good muslim (ashamed to say im not that good). but i still find it hard when it should be easy for me by now.
has anyone got any tips on how they started praying 5 times a day or embraced islam properly? (as in not getting distracted with things that are wrong).

p.s another thought im having right now is


im at work at the moment.
At work everythings usually ok and everyones friendly
but there is this guy who isn't muslim and all he ever tries to do is make me convert to christianity.
hes also predicted i will turn christian by february 2012
help me people how do i shut him up?
and he never lets me talk and is always on about how jesus is god and how he has the power of jesus in him bla bla bla
when i mention the fact that Jesus (Isa) peace be upon him was a prophet he gets angry and defencive. he's a nice person overall and i dont want to have a fall out with him but how do i get him to understand islam and what do i say to him?....HELP!

It's time for the Muslim youth to stand up and show the real Islam to the world!!!!

We live in a time where Muslim women are ashamed to put on their headscarves and Muslim men think it's better to have the "smooth" look than to let their beards grow. The world is so full of temptations and desires that it has become difficult for us to follow the right path. In other words, life as a PRACTISING Muslim can be pretty hard. But the question that remains is - "Are we REALLY striving for the cause of Allah??" Agreed that the name of islam has been tarnished by the media and the like, but that gives us no reason not to stand up for our Islam and defend our beautiful religion. " I wont' fit in " or " What if no one wants to be friends with me? " are thoughts that probably cross our minds when we think about following Islam.

Islam Against The World (Created By Me) Let me know what you think made couple of years ago =)

What has this world come to?
UK residents a national breakthrough,
But its still a messed up society where its Islam against da world,
little boys getting killed and dey rape da girls.
We dont understand what its like to be muslim,
by not following our religion we're attacking da islamic system.
and how can we call ourselves muslim when we do da same as all da uvers?
we drink blaze mix and we still call ourselves brothers.
Well close your eyes and picture judgement day
well what do you think your mind body and soul would say?
and im not saying dat im so perfect but everyone knows dat keeping knowledge is all worth it.
and at da end we aint all perfect people,
but move a step forward by treating people equal,
and treat islam for what it is and not just a word