Muslim parents kill daughter for being too westernised

The parents of Cheshire schoolgirl Shafilea Ahmed, the victim of a so-called honour killing, have been charged with her murder.

The sister of the Cheshire schoolgirl who went missing in 2003 saw their parents kill her, a court has heard.

At the start of their trial at Chester Crown Court, the jury heard Alesha Ahmed witnessed the killing.

Mr Edis said she drank bleach on the trip as her parents tried to bully her into an arranged marriage.

"She was a thoroughly Westernised young British girl of Pakistani origin. Her parents had standards which she was reluctant to follow."

The court heard Shafilea was taken to Pakistan by her family in 2003 in an attempt to force her into a marriage

Muslim father in law has sex with his daughter in law

An evil father-in-law who imprisoned his son’s Pakistani bride as a sex slave has been jailed – after his victim learned enough English to call police and beg for help.

The depraved 56-year-old stripped the bride of her jewellery and passport after she came to Britain following an arranged marriage, a court heard.

He made her swear on the Quran that she would keep the abuse a secret and promised to heap shame on her by forcing her to divorce his son if she refused his demands for sex.

Woman faces death penalty for witchcraft in Saudi

Woman faces death penalty for witchcraft after 'casting spell on 13-year-old shopper'

Daughter started acting abnormally, claims father

Saudi Arabia beheads sorcerers, says lawyer

Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, is an absolute monarchy that has no written criminal code and where court rulings are based on judges' interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.

Sri Lankan woman has been arrested on suspicion of casting a spell on a 13-year-old girl on a shopping trip in Saudi Arabia.
She may face the death penalty as the Middle Eastern country is known to behead convicted sorcerers.
Police spokesman Mesfir al-Juayed confirmed yesterday that details of the woman's arrest published in local media were correct


I don't understand why some muslim men treat their women with little respect, when in the Quran it states that men and women should both be treated equally. In theory I think that the Muslim religion itself is good, but maybe the Muslim people are interpreting their own religion wrong?
This muslim man on tv said; 'Our men are like gold, if you drop gold in mud, you can easily clean it, our women on the otherhand are like silk, if you drop silk in mud then you can clean it but the stains will still show'.
- This doesnt sound like the men think of their women as equal people.

Please give me your feedback and opinions on this Smile

Kufr in Islam

Kufar is an Arabic term used in a Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as "unbeliever" or "disbeliever". The term refers to a person who rejects God or who hides, denies, or covers the "truth". Even though labeling infidelity is referred usually to Islam


Disbelief out of stubbornness. This applies to someone who knows the truth and admits to knowing the truth and admits to knowing it with his tongue, but refuses to accept it