Islam and Freedom

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The question is... Since Islam did NOT prohibit slavery... does Islam not consider freedom a basic human right?

Islam did give all humans rights, and it does highly encourage freeing slaves. However, it does/did not prohibit slavery.

So... does that mean that freedom is not a basic right?

Taking this further, what about supporting fight for freedom in places such as Kashmir, Chechnya/Ossettia and Palestine? If Islam does not say that all humans are free, where do those struggles stand?

Is freedom really that big of a thing?

Editorial: Insult Islam and I'll Knock You Out!

By Sajid Iqbal

Let me ask you something¦ If someone insulted your mum or dad, how would you react? 'I'll kick his head in' is what you will probably say, yeah? If someone insulted your sister, brother, husband or wife what then? You'll probably react with anger, flex your muscles and may be use every swear word you can think of, am I right? We all know that’s not the best way to behave, but sometimes when someone goes too far you simply lose the plot, innit?

Turning to allah swt

im an 18yr old whos struggling with life. nothing seems to be going right for me. iv started to read namaaz on a regular basis and cut down on sinning for example, controlling my tongue, anger etc. but iv noticed one thing about myself and im sure others will agree, that we only turn to allah swt when we want something or are in pain. we pray to allah to ease the pain and once we have overcome that period we forget about him. this shouldnt be the case. we should be turning to him whatever the situtaion, good or bad. i have promised myself that i will continue reading namaaz and act the way a muslim should. insha allah i will succeed. i make dua for everyone who is struggling to overcome their difficult time and request you to do the same for me.

Religion on Trial

All the major World Religions have been charged with Crimes Against Humanity, and it is up to ace (trainee-) lawyer Ya’qub Bell to defend Islam:

People who are Religious are following something that is not true. There is no proof for it.

It is not a ‘fact’ whether any religion is true or false. People are free to choose to believe in what they think is right. A teaching of Islam is that ‘there is no compulsion in Religion’. In terms of ‘proof’ for God’s existence, Allah (swt) is so much Greater than a human, that it is impossible someone to even imagine what He looks like, this is why Allah (swt) doesn’t show Himself to us. Instead He shows us ‘signs’ (ayat) of His Existence.

Ar-Rahman Shows Mercy To Those Who Have Mercy On Others

The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) once kissed Al-Hasan Ibn ‘Alee (i.e. his grandson) while Al-Aqra’ Ibn Haabis was in his presence. So Al-Aqra’ said to him: [b]"You kiss your children. I swear by Allaah, I have ten children and I never kissed any one of them!" So the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said: "He who doesn’t show mercy (to others) will not be shown mercy (by Allaah)."[/b]

Verily, mercy - in our religion - encompasses this world and the hereafter, as well as mankind, animals, birds, and the surrounding habitats. Allaah says:

[b] "And My mercy encompasses every thing."[/b]

Allaah has described Himself with mercy and He has also described His prophets and righteous servants with it. Allaah says:

What's Our Aim In Life?

What is it that we want out of life? Where are we going? What are we doing? What should we be doing? What is the purpose of Allah (swa) sending us to this world? What exactly is our aim in life?

These are the most fundamental questions that we all need to ask ourselves. People answer these questions in different ways. Some people's aim in life is to collect money, property, to have perfect careers and perfect families, whilst other people desire name, fame and power.

What Do Our Friends Reveal About Us?

Due to obvious reasons we are more inclined to befriend like-minded individuals. Someone who's there for us when we need them, someone who empathises with us when we're stressed out, someone who understands us and thinks in the same way that we do, this is the basic criteria of choosing a friend. So if we have friends whom our parents don't approve of, friends who behave in a shameless and immoral manner, friends who break all the limits ordained by Allah (swa), what does this reveal about us?

If You Have No Shame Then Do As You Wish

With the significant increase in pre-marital relationships in the last 30 years amongst our Muslim brother and sisters, it does seem as if most of us no longer have any shame. One just needs to visit their local shopping centre, cinema or library to see the significant increase in unmarried Muslim couples. We have an increase in Romeo's roaming the streets, happily driving around the block all day long looking for girls and an increase in melodramatic Juliet's who'll "just die if they don't end up with their man".