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Duah for wind


Allaahumma 'innee 'as'aluka khayrahaa, wa 'a'oothu bika min sharrihaa.

O Allah , I ask You for the good of it and seek refuge in You against its evil.

Abu Dawud 4/326, Ibn Majah 2/1228. See also Al-Albani, Sahih Ibn Mjjah 2/305


Allaahumma 'innee 'as'aluka khayrahaa, wa khayra maa feehaa, wa khayra maa 'ursilat bihi wa a'oothu bika min sharrihaa, wa sharri maa feehaa, wa sharri maa 'ursilat bihi.

40 sites that'll make you a lil bit smarter (and maybe make your procastination more useful)


sorry about the link, stumbleupon is a bit difficult with sharing links. but this list of sites is SUPER interesting.


coursera - a site of free online courses

freerice.com - answerquestions on different topic - world landmarks, english vocab, languages, maths timetables and donate rice for each right answer.

unplugthetv - instead of watching TV, you should watch.....


TED and lifehacker are also on that list. so's khan academy (actually its the first one on the list)


Africa - David Attenborough.

Amazing documentary. I havent been following it. just watched this episode about the Cape of Africa (the upmost bottom bit) It's pretty amazing and beautiful.



how the meeting of the two great oceans. The Indian and the Atlantic creates amazing things that repercurate all the way into inland Africa. Mountains 3KILOMETRES high that trap clouds and make the land beyond them into desert.

Monkey beatles?

heard of Pronking?

a king of Kingfish leading a "pack" of usually solitary Kingfishes on a yet unexplained pilgrimage?

You'll never be as young as you are right now

It's been so long since I blogged!

I'd like to welcome myself back. WELCOME BACK LOOKING TO SEEEEEE!!!!! YAYYY.

okay, so I just had this thought process occur to me, so its all very fresh and confuzzled and might not be expressed in the best-est of ways.

I realised something, but let me take you on my thought process.

I very much like Peter Pan even though I dont think I actually ever read the original book, though I have read and watched many adaptations and spins off etc... (recently I'd been thinking that I need to get my hands on it and read it)

Anyway, I don't know when Peter Pan became so significant in my life, but somehow it did, the idea of never growing up stuck with me. hard.

How to feel sorry for people that seem horrible to you

Theres this man, a step dad. He's horrible to my friend and she's been staying with just him since beginning of july. He had what looked like a miniheart attack recently. I cnt feel sorry for him? Whats wrng with me! Help!

Also, friend texted me saying it wasnt a heart attack n he's coming hme tonight. I dnt knw what to say back. I was thinking if he stayed in hospital she'd get a break frm him.

I wanna say "alhamdulillah" but so far ive got "i see" as a reply to the text.

Hw does one deal with stuff like this?!