reminiscing vs delving

so i hear delving in the past and gettng hung up isnt good. but im sure reminiscing isnt bad.


so how dyou tell the difference between the two?


Reminiscing is often looking at the positive, being positive. "wasnt it great .... aah the good old days"

Delving is "when I was 10, that person broke my ruler, I still havent got tht person back. he is so evil and will deserve anything I do."

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

theres also the delving of "nothing ahead is going to be better than those good ol' days.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?