Africa - David Attenborough.

Amazing documentary. I havent been following it. just watched this episode about the Cape of Africa (the upmost bottom bit) It's pretty amazing and beautiful.



how the meeting of the two great oceans. The Indian and the Atlantic creates amazing things that repercurate all the way into inland Africa. Mountains 3KILOMETRES high that trap clouds and make the land beyond them into desert.

Monkey beatles?

heard of Pronking?

a king of Kingfish leading a "pack" of usually solitary Kingfishes on a yet unexplained pilgrimage?

currents and underwater sandstorms.

the GOOGLE rainforest?

baby turtles and the instinctal race to water.

as well as penguins. I kid you not. PENGUINS in Africa.


so much to sea, amazing, beautiful. and that was me watching on a relatively small computer monitor. if you've got a better screen, prepare to be blown away. If you've got a big TV, wire up your laptop to it and enjoy the spectacular landscapes!


definitely a documentary to check out. makes you realise the world that's out there as well as how insignficant and utterly clueless us humans are when it comes to certain things. This is Allah's planet. These are Allah's creations. Marvel and be blown away.