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Too Late. Try To Understand

I haven't been on here much because I been feeling really down.
I just made this blog as a way of talking about it.

I know what many of you would say about 'LOVE out of marriage' and 'LOVE MARRIAGES' but in my case I think I was a little late as I fell in love with someone before marriage a long while ago and we broke up because her parents don't want her to marry somebody who is not of their language, Me. We broke up but I still love her and wish to marry her still.
Her parents did not put anything religious into the matter but how she should marry somebody who is the same language as they are. the funny thing is her parents have soo much in difference on cultures and she's mix raced.

I really hate this feeling but it gets harder every day.

Practicing Made Easy

hi omg i just had a thought when i was writing something
i have prayed in the past for Allah (swt) to help me become a better muslim.
and recently i keep having alot of thoughts to do with islam and right and wrong and the hereafter and the future and judgement day and soooo much and when i have these thoughts it actually feels soooo real.
it makes me want to be a better muslim and i mean a good muslim (ashamed to say im not that good). but i still find it hard when it should be easy for me by now.
has anyone got any tips on how they started praying 5 times a day or embraced islam properly? (as in not getting distracted with things that are wrong).

p.s another thought im having right now is


I didnt sleep last night but the night before I had a dream I was the king of some country (which I dont know) and I was telling everyone that I am the same as them and only to worship Allah and that we are all brothers.

Also I heard yesterday in the middle of someones conversation aparantly if you see yourself getting married in your dream your going to die lol like WTH! seriously! who makes up dream meanings? lol

Just Had To Share That With Everyone Because Its Funny To Me
And I Liked the One To Do With Me Biggrin

As We Grow (Worlds Song) (Add To It People) :)

As we grow in this world of devastating lies
In which we're comforted by the corruption and fail to realise
how many more times are we made to see blindly?
Many More?
No not many more as we realise how blind we've become
but fail to act as we act to wana do more
more for who?
more for me or more for you?
too many questions or too little answers
no! just our eyes closed for to long
we're dreaming of a closed world of just us, our ears closed to the cries of its song.

(add to it people)
create your own verse and continue the poem in the comments Smile

Islam Against The World (Created By Me) Let me know what you think made couple of years ago =)

What has this world come to?
UK residents a national breakthrough,
But its still a messed up society where its Islam against da world,
little boys getting killed and dey rape da girls.
We dont understand what its like to be muslim,
by not following our religion we're attacking da islamic system.
and how can we call ourselves muslim when we do da same as all da uvers?
we drink blaze mix and we still call ourselves brothers.
Well close your eyes and picture judgement day
well what do you think your mind body and soul would say?
and im not saying dat im so perfect but everyone knows dat keeping knowledge is all worth it.
and at da end we aint all perfect people,
but move a step forward by treating people equal,
and treat islam for what it is and not just a word