Towards a United Israel?

Israel has a population of 5.9 million (Israeli) Jews.

There are are also 1.6 million Israeli arabs.

The West Bank holds 2.6 million Arabs and Gaza hold 1.6 million Arrabs.

Total all that up and you get 5.8 million Arabs. They also are growing at a faster rate.

So what should be sought is 1 vote for 1 citizen there and if that was achieved, all would be golden.

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Yasser Arafat Murdered by pollonium poisoning?

Big news doing the rounds recently.

Yasser arafat died in hospital in 2004 and some thought the circumstances were suspicious.

However nothing was proven.

However new tests of his clothing at the time have shown trace amounts of pollonium.

Pollonium most famously being used to murder Alexander Litvinenko two years later where it was fingered.

Now some people want to exhume his body in order to carry out further tests.

Israel rushes settlement growth after Unesco accepts Palestinians

Israel is to expedite the construction of about 2,000 homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in response to the Palestinians' successful bid to join Unesco.

Israel also imposed a temporary halt on the transfer of tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority (PA) pending a final decision on whether to impose a long-term freeze. Israel collects about £630m a year in VAT and customs revenues which it passes on to the PA.

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Palestinians go to the UN.

Mahmood Abbas has of the UN.

He went to the UN where I was certain he would bottle it and just try and defend his own.. stature.

Maybe this will be the first day of many where the Palesinias finally regain dignity.

But there are hurdles.

First this may not go through the security council - the US has been applying on members of the security council to reject the proposal, and if they dont, the US has vowed to veto the proposal.

Even agreement, it means very little if nothing changes on the ground.

But in the face of no hope, this is a great step at showing a peaceful way to the state.

The "civilised world" wants a two state solution between Israel and Palestine...

Except now that the Palestinians are taking this solution to the UN, all hell breaks loose.

The US says it will veto it, Israel is dead set against and even Tony Blair has risen from the lower regions of hell to try and stir against it.

I guess they all want a two state solution as long as it is not real.

[TV] Louix Theroux: Ultra Zionists

Louis Theroux spends time with a small and very committed subculture of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers. He discovers a group of people who consider it their religious and political obligation to populate some of the most sensitive and disputed areas of the West Bank, especially those with a spiritual significance dating back to the Bible.

Throughout his journey, Louis gets close to the people most involved with driving the extreme end of the Jewish settler movement - finding them warm, friendly, humorous, and deeply troubling.

Tonight at 9pm on BBC two and probably on .

Palestine papers reveal MI6 drew up plan for crackdown on Hamas

British intelligence helped draw up a secret plan for a wide-ranging crackdown on the Islamist movement Hamas which became a security blueprint for the Palestinian Authority, leaked documents reveal. The plan asked for the internment of leaders and activists, the closure of radio stations and the replacement of imams in mosques.


The bulk of the British plan has since been carried out by the West Bank-based PA security apparatus which is increasingly criticised for authoritarian rule and human rights abuses, including detention without trial and torture.

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