Us muslims, we focus too much on Palestine

There, I said it.

There is plenty of other shit going on around the world too.

yes, I get that when a captured, blindfolded Palestinian is shot by a rubber bullet at point blank range, it is a travesty. But where is the love for the Kurds? how about the Muslims of southern Sudan? Somalia has been is civil war for over 15 years.

And why does have to be only about Muslims? Zimbabawe has an inflation rate of over 2.2 million - the recently released 100 billion dollar note will not even buy a loaf of bread. People are dying there and everywhere else.

Yet, the muslim community as a whole seems to focus on "the evil that is Israel". Why is that?

Crisis in Gaza

Is that a little weird? Since when has Gaza not been in crisis?


BBC News[/url]]Gaza's humanitarian situation is at its worst since Israel occupied the territory in 1967, say UK-based human rights and development groups.

They include Amnesty International, Save the Children, Cafod, Care International and Christian Aid.

They criticise Israel's blockade on Gaza as illegal collective punishment which fails to deliver security.

The Idiot's Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Irfan Jalil

When was Israel created? Why?

Israel was created in 1948. It gave Jews their own state and homeland for the first time since Biblical times.

When was Palestine created?

The land on which Israel was created was originally Palestine and a part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. After World War One Palestine was handed over to Britain. Fighting between Jewish immigrants and the native Arabs erupted during the years of British control. The UN divided Palestine into a Jewish state called Israel and an Arab state called Palestine.