Extremism: Causes and Cures

Sajid Iqbal

SO, what drives people to carry out acts of terrorism? Why do some people hate America and the West so much that they are prepared to take their own lives as well as others?

You see America, the UN in particular and the world community at large has double standards about Muslim countries such as Kashmir. Bosnia, Chechnya and Palestine.

This causes concern among the Muslims or should I say it pee's them off big time. The issues where the Western interest is involved get an immediate response in terms of concrete action. Whereas issues like Kashmir and Palestine remain unresolved even after the passage of a long time, the UN resolutions not withstanding. Check this out:

The Story of Palestine

Nizar Sakhnini, 31 March 2002

A Struggle for Survival Against Colonial Settlement Project


In yet another act of deceit, Sharon is trying to justify his war crimes against a virtually defenceless Palestinian population as a legitimate situation of self-defence against "Palestinian Terror".He ignores the whole history of the conflict by focusing on the latest acts of desperation that pushed the Palestinian people into the corner without any hope for a decent life as equal human beings with equal human rights.

David V Goliath - School Kids Threaten The Existence Of Israel

Sajid Iqbal

With over 200 Muslims martyred in the holy land fighting for Islam against the shameless Jewish people who have to bomb and shoot down school kids for chucking stones at them.

The Muslim world, from Pakistan to Egypt, Turkey to Malaysia and Iraq to the UK, has erupted with anger and disgust and for once is united against the 'kuffars' attack and insult on Islam's third holiest land.

So, what's going on in the Middle East, what do the Muslims and Jews really want and what is the role of the Muslims in the UK in supporting the Jihad?

SHARON ..or is it Shaitan in disguise?

Well, it was the visit of Ariel Sharon- the Shaitan in human form- to the mosque of Haram al-Sharif that basically kicked off the recent fighting.