Israeli physicists supply solar and wind power to Palestinian herders

SUSYA, occupied West Bank (IPS) - Hundreds of impoverished Palestinian herders and farmers living in caves and tents in a remote area of the Palestinian West Bank have been provided free electricity due to the ingenuity of two Israeli physicists.

The goat and sheep farming community of Susya, comprising clans of about 25 large families, had until recently followed a centuries-old tradition of subsistence farming without access to electricity.


But following the intervention of Comet-ME, one of 12 finalists of the BBC's World Challenge, a global competition aimed at projects showing enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level, Susya made international headlines.

Graffiti On History's Walls

Life takes some unusual turns and I regret being only occasionally free to visit The Revival, however this article by Mortimer Zuckerman says pretty much everything I wanted to say when we were discussing this subject in January.

[quote]It is difficult for westerners, unmarked by the searing memories of Jewish history, to realize the extent to which the survival of Israel remains an issue for Jews, who cannot dismiss the overheated Arab rhetoric that seeks to justify terrorism against innocent civilians by describing Israel's existence as illegitimate. That rhetoric is the product of a careful calculation by Arab political leaders who recognized the popular appeal of scapegoating Israel for their failure to provide for their own people while legitimizing their regimes.

Gaza’s Tragedy

Gaza’s Tragedy

An Already worn-out Gaza was pounded by Israel in a three-week offensive, now a fragile ceasefire holds as the world watches and Gazans count their dead.


It wasn’t the first time Israel has been at war with its neighbour the Palestinians and maybe
It won’t be the last either. It all started when a ceasefire between Israel and

Israel’s offensive in Gaza- Blessed by Arab Rulers

By Majed Iqbal- Minute to minute reporting, live coverage, updates and pictures from a territory otherwise known as the world’s largest prison, Gaza have hit our screens at the beginning of 2009 showing Israel’s offensive on the area with claims that Hamas, the people’s choice and democratically elected government of Palestine, had broken a truce for a ceasefire with Israel and ordered for a military incursion into the area.

The strip, home to 1.5 million people, has been already suffering shortages of power, food and medical supplies due to a two-year blockade imposed by Israel on the area and was now turning into a war zone with people fleeing their homes as airstrikes began to deafen the cries of the crippling Gazan Territory.

Israel Using Human Shields

EDIT - these videos are old stuff and not related to the current conflict in Gaza. We have no idea what is happening now as foreign journalists are not allowed in. However, Beast does link to something further down the page about Humans shields being used in the current conflict too.


Another video on the same issue after the break.