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The Muslims Blogging Here Are Just Plain Racist, No?

I have been scrolling through the blog posts from the last two months, trying to find a post where Muslims shed a tear for thousands of Muslims who died in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and anywhere other than Gaza. Is it because you hate Jews more than you love Muslims that you speak of nothing else?

I will answer: no. It is because you are afraid to try to exercise any influence with Muslims that is not already supported by the jingoistic masses. You are not racists. Just cowards. You do nothing for peace, and nothing for the wellbeing of Palestinians.

That's the truth.

Graffiti On History's Walls

Life takes some unusual turns and I regret being only occasionally free to visit The Revival, however this article by Mortimer Zuckerman says pretty much everything I wanted to say when we were discussing this subject in January.

[quote]It is difficult for westerners, unmarked by the searing memories of Jewish history, to realize the extent to which the survival of Israel remains an issue for Jews, who cannot dismiss the overheated Arab rhetoric that seeks to justify terrorism against innocent civilians by describing Israel's existence as illegitimate. That rhetoric is the product of a careful calculation by Arab political leaders who recognized the popular appeal of scapegoating Israel for their failure to provide for their own people while legitimizing their regimes.