David V Goliath - School Kids Threaten The Existence Of Israel

Sajid Iqbal

With over 200 Muslims martyred in the holy land fighting for Islam against the shameless Jewish people who have to bomb and shoot down school kids for chucking stones at them.

The Muslim world, from Pakistan to Egypt, Turkey to Malaysia and Iraq to the UK, has erupted with anger and disgust and for once is united against the 'kuffars' attack and insult on Islam's third holiest land.

So, what's going on in the Middle East, what do the Muslims and Jews really want and what is the role of the Muslims in the UK in supporting the Jihad?

SHARON ..or is it Shaitan in disguise?

Well, it was the visit of Ariel Sharon- the Shaitan in human form- to the mosque of Haram al-Sharif that basically kicked off the recent fighting.

Sharon is the nutter who was behind the 1982 invasion of Jordan and responsible for the massacre of Thousands of Muslims.

So obviously, the Muslims defended the mosque from invasion, where clashes began and the Israeli army began to do what its best at- shooting down defenceless youth.

What's the history between Israel and the Muslims?

You see ever since Israeli illegally occupied Palestinian land the Muslims have demanded them to leave and return the land back to the Muslims - which is their home.

In 1948 Israel illegally overtook Palestinian land and in 1956 it took more lands off the Palestinians, which broke the so-called UN Resolutions.

In 1967 Israel took over the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Sinai desert. Israel further illegally occupied the lands of Jordan, Egypt and Syria with America turning a blind eye.

What do the Muslims want?

First of all the Muslims want Israeli troops out of the West Bank and Gaza strip. Then they want full sovereignty over all the Arab-inhabited districts of East Jerusalem, including the Islamic, Christian and Armenian quarters of the Old City, and full control, religious and temporal, over the Haram al-Sharif.

What Israel and the Jewish Zionists want:

One thing you have to understand is that the Jews believe they are the chosen people so they believe Israel belongs to them and theres no room for the Muslims.

They believe all of Palestine belongs to them. Full stop.

What about the 'peace process'?

It’s a fraud, a cop-out, and a joke!

How can you have peace talks with America and the UN when they bloody created Israel and supported the Jews to create a 'Greater Israel' and kick out the Muslims from their land?

Muslims want their land back and there's no chance Israel or its bodyguard America will ever let that happen. So-called international law is broken by Israel and the US turns a blind eye:

Israel has violated no less than 80 UN Security Council Resolutions and countless General Assembly Resolutions.

What can we do as Muslims in the UK?

Of course we as British Muslims are upset and angry with what's happening to our fellow Muslims in the Middle East. '…But wha t c an we really do?' is what you're thinking.

Well, never feel helpless there's plenty we can do:

  • Make sure you're family, friends, community is aware of exactly what's going on in Palestine. Creating awareness is vital. Don't let this Jihad take place in silence. The world needs to know the truth.
  • Approach you're councillors and MP's to put pressure on the Government to act. They'll do anything to keep voters happy.
  • Carry out petitions and attend every protest march that’s taking place across the country. Hold public talks, seminars etc to keep the issue alive. Public outcry can bring out results.
  • Support the Muslims financially. Send money, clothes etc ASAP through any Islamic charity.
  • Write articles to western newspapers/media to air the views of the Muslim in what's really happening against the Muslims.


We're all upset but some people under the name of 'Khilafa' have been distributing leaflets everywhere saying 'kill the Jews where ever they are'. This is not the Islamic way and these people should be ashamed of themselves.

No surprise then a Jew was stabbed in London in mid October. Smashing up synagogues and spraying anti-Jewish graffiti is a big 'no-no!' For God sakes we are Muslims and do everything according to Islam.

Non- Muslims are even protected under the Islamic State (ad-dhimmi) so how can we do 'Jew-bashing' in a non-Islamic country. You can only fight them for the sake of Islam on the battlefield where you are being attacked and oppressed -not here.

What lessons do we learn from what's happening in Palestine? There's plenty for us to take note of. Realise that the 'kuffar' are one body as the Quran states and united against the Muslims. But we are bitterly divided fighting over 'Sunni/Wahabbi' issues.

Fighting over where our hands should go in Salat or how long our beard should be. To the kuffar we are simply Muslims and they want to destroy us politically, socially and religiously.

So get a grip boys and girls- unite for the sake of Islamic dominance and make the Deen of Allah superior over all other systems as stated in the Quran.

Final word…

Once the scenes of Jihad stop appearing in the News on the telly don't think the issue has died out and everything is hunky-dory. Everyone must keep himself or herself and others informed of what is happening there and what we can to do to help.