Secret of the Heart - Part 2


this ep is about reflecting on the three types of hearts

sound heart - protected from the two types of diseases. Shaytaan also intensifies the desires/doubts. - the people with those hearts can enter paradize.

doubts/misconceptions - wrong understanding, about reality of this world, about the creator about how we should draw closer to Him. these harms and scars the heart.

people who let desires take over the heart or let their guard down to misconceptions - by listening, looking, seeing them, They make their heart easy targets to shaytaan. but still havent lost their heart yet.

if they keep letting doubts/desires in - then reach the level of dead heart.

dead heart does not recognize what Allah is pleases with ,it does not pay attention, it only follows desires - how to get wealth, trying to find everything in this world to make themselves happy. when you speak to them, all they talk about is how can i get that, how can i enjoy myself, how can i get this car. chasing things that are about this world.

this is a sign that they might have a dead heart- they dont mind if the way they enjoy themselves is not pleasing to Allah - mixing with those people = misery.
They have stooped to the lower level of life, life of the body, like animals.

dead heart does not recognize what is truth and what is evil. prophet (pbuh) said: "the trials of this world (temptations, doubts/misconceptions) will attack the heart one after the other, just like straw matt (made up of lots of straw that keep hitting the heart) if the heart absorbs the trials/ open the guard (sin or an innovation) then a black spot will be drawn on the heart, and any heart that keeps its guard on and does not allow the fitnah to reach the heart - then whiteness will be giving to them. at the end, there aretwo hearts - a heart that is totaly black, just like a cup turned upside down (you cant fill it in with anything) it does not recognize what it good and what is bad. (or more inclined to what is bad. or even worse sees opposite, the good as bad and the bad as good).

the people who reject the truth when it comes to them are that way - drinking alcohol, homosexuality, zina. lost track of reality of things, of truth, it does not recognize truth and evil,except what appeals to them (what they like is good, what they are not attracted to it (their desires/ personal interest) they say it is evil) this is how they judge things. they know it is destructive but they cannto help being immersed into those things.

the second type oof heart - the heart that is so pure and white - the heart of the believer. it can see the reality of things, - comprehension is in the heart. -

we must take good care of our heart by avoiding trials - sins or innovations - to keep a sound heart. otherwise it will get ill, diseases will destroy it gradually until it dies. Life becomes a life of misery, agony, pain.


Recap: 3 types of heart
The sound heart - healthy from illnesses
ill heart that suffers from diseases (two types of diseases – desires sins/misconceptions and doubts) if keep being ill, then becomes a...
...DEAD heart. Only criterion this heart has is the desires the person has, whatever is beneficial to him = something good, whatever seems bad to him = something bad.
Dead heart is very destructive because tries to impose own vision/desires/interprattion of things on the rest of the world. Majority of people in western world have this kind of heart and then try and impose their views on the rest of the world.

Eg: men likes to sleep around, there is nothing wrong with that (like it - good) and when told you can only have intimate relationship with one person they say it is backward. (dont like it = bad)
And when you tell them you can have up to four wives – they see this as something evil.
And when you see a few years down the line, the things they “like” have changed, they will become things they dislike and make them prohibited. (and viceversa)
E:g. homosexuality. Before it was something filthy, a crime, despicable but now it is a sign of advancement, of openmindedness and if you have a problem with it you are called homophobe.
Their criterion is their desires

There are exceptions, people of understanding who screams against these things but their voice is almost unheard.

The measures/secrets of health of the heart – same as good as physical health

1. Maintain natural health of body/heart - Strengthen it.
Body – food, provide what is needed of minerals, vitamis etc.., this will maintain immunity
Heart – reciting Quran, rememberance of Allah – all acts of worship that Allah prescribed, these things will strengthen heart, heart grow, prosper and become immune to diseases

2. Get rid of things that are harmful
Body – sweating/urine/defecating – get rid of harmful elements
Heart – when we seek forgiveness to Allah – harmful elements of heart are taken away. Cleansing the heart so own strength is reinforced

3. Body - Protect from anything harmful going in
Heart – any sin you fall in, any innovation you commit or hold onto will harm heart and weaken it.

We find the key/clue to those procedures in the Quran
1. for example, in Quran, when ill or travelling, allowed to not fast. So Allah allows someone to maintain the natural strength of the body by not fasting as it would be harmful to them
2. the person that is making hajj, you are not allowed to shave hair. but if suffering from illness or due to some reason needs to shave his hair then it is allowed, because it is something harmful that you need to remove
3. if you want to make wudu/ghusl, and it is winter and only available water is cold water. if this water will be harmful to you or affect you negatively then you are allowed to do tayyamum. Protecting body from external harm

something beautiful about having a healthy heart
when a person is physically fit and natural strength of body is in good state - they usually have a better immunity to illnesses. So even if there is a bug/virus around they are less likely to fall ill compared to weaker people.
they are also careful of their diet - only eat healthy food

but people who dont pay attention to their diet, who eat junk food etc.. these people fall ill more often because they have breached one of the 3 measures/secrets mentionned above.

same with heart - if away from sin, away from innovation, when trial comes, they are more likely to have immunity against it, for example some people of ahlussanah are more powerful, dont fall into sins/innovation easily, because they are healthy
but if you suffer from weaknesses - fall often in sins/innovation, when a new trial come they are more likely to fall into it.

Episode 7

Recap: when person maintain a healthy heart full of Quran, Sunnah, close to Allah, it becomes very powerful and when it faces illnesses/diseases, they cannot penetrate and afect this heart
But when a heart is weak, it is very fragile and the slightest of trials can take him away.

Just like the body

Healthy body, comes winter, will not catch a cold as easily; but someone who does not look after their body very well then they are often ill.

The people of ahlussunnah; the ones who strive to practice the sunnah, do more rightenouness, who are mindful about Allah, when a trial comes to them (eg: have to go to a place with freemixing) they have put shields/layers of protection so trial needs more time/effort to penetrate their heart.

Important tip: When we strengthen our heart – we inshaaAllah become more immune to sin.

Some people say “I have a problem with music/women/drinking, I don’t have any other problem except that one” we say: you have not done enough work to protect your heart against that trial, what you need to do is follow the procedures mentioned previously; 1. strengthen the natural forece of the heart – rememberance of Allah, 2. Get rid of anything harmful inside by seeking repentance 3. When you feel you are going to fall into this trial, then turn away, run away from it.

If you try your best, and prove you are sincere even for a little while, Allah will see this and give you the strength and you will become more immune against that sin/innovation and you will inshaaAllah be protected from that.

But if you convince yourself you cannot escape those trials then you will not be able to. You need to put your trust in Allah and follow those procedures and inshaaAllah you will be able to escape from it.

Two type of diseases:

1. Natural diseases – simple and benign, not so harmful because they are easy to deal with. Affect every person. E.g: sadness, frustration, disappointment, anger, revenge. These are diseases of the heart, but they are light and easy to deal with.
To treat these we need to deal with the cause.
E.g: someones passes away, you feel sad, to deal with this sadness you try to bring something that make you feel better/happy/joy
e.g: someone feels sad because their right has been taken away from him. The right way of dealing with this disappointment is by giving him back his right

2. Malignant diseases – most serious, very dangerous, very serious/destructive. They are like tumours/cancer. You do not feel the pain until it is too late. These are the diseases that have to do with issues of the religion (the one we described before
a. The desires – giving them precedence over Allah’s commands.
b. The doubts/misconception/disbelief etc..

Problem with these diseases is that you do not feel anything about them.

For example loving adultery – fallen into that and cannot get out of it, but he is happy about it, he does not feel it is harmful to his heart. His heart is suffering, but he has blemish his heart, his heart is ungulf in a veil of darkness
Practical example: smoking, the more you smoke, the more smoking you will need – very harmful and destructive. The more of that poison you take in, the more you will be inclined to it. The more you smoke the more destructive you are to your body.

They know deep inside it is harmful to them, but because of the overwhelming desire/love/attachment to smoking they lie to themselves, they twist the vision of reality and convince themselves it is something good
And this is exactly what happen with sins and innovations: The person tries to treat himself with adding more illness to himself of the same kind

Example: someone fall in love with a woman (what caused this is that he did not lower his gaze) the more he looks at her (he keeps not lowering the gaze), the more his heart becomes attached to her the more severe his illness will become in his heart.

How does he treat this pain in his heart? He falls into adultery. And the case just gets worse and worse...

Same with smoking, people just keep smoking, even more than before; same with drinking, they try to cure it by more drinking. Because of overwhelming desire and then they lost track of reality.

The problem is: Because of overwhelming passion/desire they become numb about the pain it causes them.

Smoking is very hamful to body but the taste/sweetness overcomes that and they feel numb about the pain

And these are the worst diseases: sins and innovations.

to be updated.