Paradise, you never imagined.

A friend of mine shared this video, saying: '17 minutes of your time. I promise you all that this will have a profound, emotional effect on you. Please, I urge you to watch this without hesitation.

I know that we're all busy revising, or going about our lives... but this really gives you a beautiful glimpse into Jannah, SubhanAllah - It will inspire you. It reminds us of what we could have waiting for us in the Akhirah, it will move you and really make all of your worldy worries seem really insignificant. 

Secret of the Heart - Part 2


this ep is about reflecting on the three types of hearts

sound heart - protected from the two types of diseases. Shaytaan also intensifies the desires/doubts. - the people with those hearts can enter paradize.

doubts/misconceptions - wrong understanding, about reality of this world, about the creator about how we should draw closer to Him. these harms and scars the heart.

people who let desires take over the heart or let their guard down to misconceptions - by listening, looking, seeing them, They make their heart easy targets to shaytaan. but still havent lost their heart yet.

99 Names of Allah

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

"Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. He who memorises them all by heart will enter Paradise."

[Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 93, Number 489]

Woooo! found and easy shortcut to Paradise!

I can remember WAY over 100 Arsenal player's names from the last few years, as well as what position they played, probably even their squad numbers, and remember which games they scored important goals in etc etc etc.

And I can remember WAY over 100 singers/artists/bands from my iTunes, along with being able to recognise their songs and which album each song is from etc etc etc

Intercession on Judgement Day

Just the other day I was thinking about this and earlier today I was listening to a talk about how the Holy Prophet (SAW) will intercede for us on the Judgement. It was in urdu so I can't translate it with the exact same words and passion which touched me so here are a few ahadith about it:

The Holy Prophet(saw)the Intercessor of the Sinners said, “Allah gave me the option of
choosing between the power of intercession or having half of my Ummah admitted to
Paradise without any reckoning. I chose the power of intercession because that is more
important and will be more useful. Do you assume that my intercession is for the pious
Muslims? No, on the contrary, it is for those sinners who are steeped in sins and have
committed grave crimes."


In the season where cherry blossoms bloom and scatter across the university campus, I noticed just how pretty trees and plants were in general. I only become introspective during Ramadan, so it was strange to notice the beautiful colours. After all, my eyes were tired of poring over textbooks and diagrams and they were pleased to see such a delightful sight.

Allah (swt) has certainly made this world beautiful. And I hadn’t realised I had said this out loud until my friend replied:

“Then imagine, how will it be like in paradise?”


The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "There is a tree in Paradise (which is so big and huge that) if a rider travels in its shade for one hundred years, he would not be able to cross it." (Hadith, Sahih Bukhari 4:474)