Paradise, you never imagined.

A friend of mine shared this video, saying: '17 minutes of your time. I promise you all that this will have a profound, emotional effect on you. Please, I urge you to watch this without hesitation.

I know that we're all busy revising, or going about our lives... but this really gives you a beautiful glimpse into Jannah, SubhanAllah - It will inspire you. It reminds us of what we could have waiting for us in the Akhirah, it will move you and really make all of your worldy worries seem really insignificant. 

The human mind cannot comprehend this dimension being described, it is literally unimaginable. But despite not being able to visualise it, it exists. And it could be ours. This is what we should strive for, this is the one thing our life should be geared towards and it all stems from knowing the true Deen. 

Finding it in ourselves to stay on the straight path. Yes, our Imaan fluctuates, that's inevitable... but we should always have this awareness of where we are heading.

This really serves to put our lives into perspective... what is being described is spine-tingling but it should make us reflect on our deeds. The good and the bad - which is something to be wary of, despite all of these happy thoughts'. 

I agree with her true words so have a listen to the video yourself. :')

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I love imam Anwars talks. Can listen to them forever without getting bored.