Secret of the Heart - Part 2


this ep is about reflecting on the three types of hearts

sound heart - protected from the two types of diseases. Shaytaan also intensifies the desires/doubts. - the people with those hearts can enter paradize.

doubts/misconceptions - wrong understanding, about reality of this world, about the creator about how we should draw closer to Him. these harms and scars the heart.

people who let desires take over the heart or let their guard down to misconceptions - by listening, looking, seeing them, They make their heart easy targets to shaytaan. but still havent lost their heart yet.

Secrets of the heart - Part 1


this is about WHY we should talk about the Heart.

Heart is more important aspect of this life that we should focus on, if we neglect heart we lose beauty of this world and ultimate happiness in the next life

In everyday language, when we talk about the core of the matter- the bottom line, we say “that’s the heart of the matter” using this in everyday language – the heart is most important, central aspect of the thing we are talking about.

The heart of city – the alive, vibrant part of city when everything happen
The heart of the matter – what we need to focus on