Faith schools and Indoctrination

Professor Michael Hand, Philosopher of Education from the University of Birmingham came to visit us. After introducing himself and explaining what his job entails, he asked us whether we thought faith schools should be abolished. Towards the end, he asked us "Do you think faith state schools should be abolished on the grounds that they indoctrinate pupils?"

Though I had though he wouldn't be biased and would give us a balanced argument, I soon came to find out that the perspective he was advocating was that faith schools should be abolished on such grounds. I didn't get the wrong end of the stick, I clearly haven't.

Looking for God



Looking for God

By: Yasmin Mogahed


I’ve been looking for God my whole life. I just didn’t know it. When we study those things that we all seek—in life, in a companion, in everything—we’ll find that both the believer and the atheist are actually just seeking God. See, God is the designer. Whether you’re an atheist or a believer, God is the designer of your needs, youraffinities, your inclinations. And He has designed these inner drives to fit the natural order: tawheed (to seek, recognize and submit to one single higher power).

Think for a moment about what you and I seek. What do you look for in a companion, for example? What are we running after and willing to give anything just to hear?

“I’m taking care of you.”

How to keep loving your parents when you work out they're just human (and not flawless superheroes/human)


I cant right now find an article that touched me about being good to parents or anything, but there's this video and one of his main point there is being good to parents, so that will be my introductionary post.

I created this topic coz of stuff going on at home, and at the same time i was listening to this vid and i had no idea it was going to mention parents and now im a bit at a loss coz my questions kinda got answered.

Secret of the Heart - Part 2


this ep is about reflecting on the three types of hearts

sound heart - protected from the two types of diseases. Shaytaan also intensifies the desires/doubts. - the people with those hearts can enter paradize.

doubts/misconceptions - wrong understanding, about reality of this world, about the creator about how we should draw closer to Him. these harms and scars the heart.

people who let desires take over the heart or let their guard down to misconceptions - by listening, looking, seeing them, They make their heart easy targets to shaytaan. but still havent lost their heart yet.

Secrets of the heart - Part 1


this is about WHY we should talk about the Heart.

Heart is more important aspect of this life that we should focus on, if we neglect heart we lose beauty of this world and ultimate happiness in the next life

In everyday language, when we talk about the core of the matter- the bottom line, we say “that’s the heart of the matter” using this in everyday language – the heart is most important, central aspect of the thing we are talking about.

The heart of city – the alive, vibrant part of city when everything happen
The heart of the matter – what we need to focus on

True Freedom

This is a rap/poem whatever you want to call it that I've written. Please don't imagine me in some bling-bling! I don't do that stuff. Have a read and tell me what you think. It's called True Freedom, it may scare some people, but tough luck. Tell me what you think.

The drugs, the clubs and all the booze
Gave me the buzz, the notion of being full
How much money you had, or whether you could pull
The media, the magazines set the expectations
Making you think it was the aspiration
But that was before I got the news
Of the Truth, the Right and the only One
I've moved on since the old days
Left the idea of artificial fun
Learnt to correct those ways

Despite all the times that I've gone wrong
I've been blessed with the will to stay strong

Is Islam tolerant of other peoples faith? Does Islam allow Muslims to hate non-Muslims?

Shaykh Salim Giza

Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. It is not a religion of hate and destruction. Whilst Islam like any other religion or nation has a right to defend itself and it’s followers from enemy attack, there are clear guidelines for this.

When it comes to dealing with non-Muslims there are two categories of a non-believer, 1) themselves 2)what they believe. It is not permissible to hate a person or human being but rather one can dislike and disagree with what they believe.

How Did Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) Treat Non Muslims?

Big Brother

By Sajid Iqbal

Big Brother, a programme where 13 people chosen from thousands of applicants, are asked to live in a house where there are hidden cameras placed throughout the house covering their every move... and I mean every move if you know what I mean.

Every week one guy or girl is evicted by the television viewers, who are given tasks to carry out and then are judged on their success as well as their behaviour, personality and deeds. The successful person at the end of the show is rewarded £100,000.