Secret of the Heart - Part 2


this ep is about reflecting on the three types of hearts

sound heart - protected from the two types of diseases. Shaytaan also intensifies the desires/doubts. - the people with those hearts can enter paradize.

doubts/misconceptions - wrong understanding, about reality of this world, about the creator about how we should draw closer to Him. these harms and scars the heart.

people who let desires take over the heart or let their guard down to misconceptions - by listening, looking, seeing them, They make their heart easy targets to shaytaan. but still havent lost their heart yet.

Editorial: Muslims Have Got Talent!

Sajid Iqbal

Now what makes the likes of Einstein, Aristotle, Socrates and Plato special? Why does history remember Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Gandhi? What was so great about Muhammad Ali, Pele, Maradona and Imran Khan?

It was down to one thing. TALENT.

It's talent that makes you a great thinker and philosopher. It's talent that makes you a revolutionary leader and great orator. It's talent that makes you the greatest footballer or boxer that every youngster looks up to.

Engineering barriers against failure

Time for an uncoordinated brain fart. let's see where this goes. I am not even sure the title is right, but then again, having failure in there may become accurate...

Here goes the conundrum: People like success. People are human. Humans are prone to failure.

Pretty simple really. Added complications to that are that while there is a chance that success may breed happiness, failure on the other hand will almost definitely breed misery.

None of the above really matters. Onto engineering for failure.

When engineers work on something, they spend a large amount of time on structures and the majority of that again may be for things that are not used as they will be there to cover the possibilities leading to failure.


wrote a long time ago in response to my blog post:

But to say "lets not do anything, lets not even participate" is to say im afraid to loose something at risk of gaining nothing.

Is that true?

For many years I have disliked competing against people. My self justification was that it was unfair on others (elitist and condescending all in one!). Even is sport where I did not excel, I preferred to have the handicap of being in a weaker team and even then I would not use some tactics as "they would ruin the game for others".

and then there is life where the occasional choice of actions can cause metaphorical paralysis.