Goodness Gracious Me!

Sajid Iqbal

Yep, that's exactly what you'll be saying when we tell you about teh amazing facts about Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) in Hindu scriptures. One thing we can tell you is that he's definitely not "INDIAN".... if you know what I mean. Check it out:

Turkey Of The Month! (May 2001)

Sajid Iqbal

Well, over the last couple of months the Russians have been continuing the torture of the Chechens, 7 Serbian soldiers have been charged for war crimes and genocide and the shameful Hindus have been burning the Quran.

But no, the proud winners of this month's award must go to:

Sharon and Bush - True partners in crime.

Both of them have been newly appointed and the first thing on their agenda was to crush the Muslims. The first thing Bush did was bomb Iraq and Sharon couldn't wait to kill more Palestinian Muslims by ordering the blockade. The Qur'an clearly states that the whole non-Muslim world is one and united against the Muslims.

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Gangsters Paradise...?

Sajid Iqbal

Is there heaven for a 'G'? Remember me,
so many homies in tha cemetery…
I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail? My life is in denial
And when I Die, baptised in Eternal Fire
…shed so many tears.

The lyrics of one of the most admired 'gangster rappers' today. A chap, who at 24, was shot to death. They call him Tu Pac - everyone's favourite gangster.

Today because of the likes of Tu Pac, Biggy, Eminem and Puff Daddy we have the biggest disease and the biggest cancer, which is spreading and destroying the nation.

It is destroying the Muslim younger generation and it's knocking on your door! You've guessed it? It's called being a big-time gangster.

A Red Rose Just For You My Darling!


Cats Eye Nebula
Cats Eye Nebula
Sajid Iqbal

The picture is taken by the NASA Hubble space Telescope of one of the most complex planetary nebula ever seen, NGC 6543, nicknamed the "Cats Eye Nebula".

It is an exploding star 3000 light years away. The nebula is a visual "fossil record" of the dynamics and the late evolution of a dying star. It was first viewed on 31st October 1999. The Qur'an mentioned it almost 1400 years ago:

"When the sky is torn apart, so it was (like) a red rose, like ointment." (Chapter 55, verse 37. Surah Ar-Rahmaan)

© The Revival 2001

The Glorious Qur'an


So brothers and sisters, to increase your Iman
Read the miracle, read the Quran
Here's a fact for the ones who are keener
92 chapters revealed in Mecca, 22 in Medina
Read it every day and to read it be proud
The word 'Qur'an' means to read aloud
Read the book from the Lord of the worlds
Over 6000 verses and 77,000 words
Read it with respect, no disturbance, no laughter's
From Al-Fatiha to An-naas, all 114 chapters
And in it 14 times you are required to prostrate
And say Allah Hu Akhbar, meaning God is Great
In this book, 25 Prophets are mentioned by name
Who came at different times but their message was the same
This miracle was revealed over a 23-year span

Big Brother


Big Brother
Big Brother - Eyes
Sajid Iqbal

We've all heard of the programme, which turned the country in to couch potatoes for the entire 64 days just a few months ago.

Big Brother, a programme where 10 people chosen from thousand of applicants, were asked to live in a house where there were hidden cameras placed throughout the house covering their every move... and I mean every move if you know what I mean.

Every week one guy was evicted by the television viewers, who were given tasks to carry out and then were judged on their success as well as their behaviour, personality and deeds. The successful person was rewarded £70,000… and we all know it was Craig the cheeky scouser.

Ramadan... Who Needs It?

Sajid Iqbal

The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said:

'Ramadan has come to you as a blessed month. During this month Allah ahs described fasting for you, the gates of heaven are open and the gates of hell are closed. The rebellious devils are chained. There is a night in this month that is better than a thousand months, whoever misses it is indeed deprived of enormous blessings.' (Bukhari)

'My people have been blessed with 5 special favours in Ramadan:

Dialogue Between Osama And Saddam



Osama: What is Tauhid?

Saddam: of course I know this one…… it's to believe in one God

Osama: Actually you're wrong

Saddam: Wwwwwwwwwhat!!!! Come on, every one knows that Tauhid means to believe in one God…..don't try to trick me this time.

Osama: Brother, some jews believe in one god, so are they Muslims?

Saddam: oh, aaaaah, uuuuu. Ok, you've got me again.

Osama: You see, merely believing in one god is not Tauhid, but is known as "Wahdah".

Saddam: Wha Da?

Osama: "Whahdah"

Saddam: I see, so what's the definition of Tauhid then?

Osama Tauhid is to believe in the prophethood of the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and then to believe in the one God which he has informed us of.

The Birth Of Israel: Behind The Scenes

Sajid Iqbal

Main Points On How And Why Israel Was Created

The International Colonialist Movement in the late 19th C which in order to solve the 'Oriental Problem', aimed at cutting up and dividing the Ottoman Empire among the world's imperialist powers.

The British French and German secret services works eagerly to advance their imperialist interests by encouraging Jews living in their own communities to return to the so-called promised land - Palestine.

Due to its geographical importance, controlling Palestine gave control over the heart of the Arab world and was the crossroads of both the Old and New Worlds.

David V Goliath - School Kids Threaten The Existence Of Israel

Sajid Iqbal

With over 200 Muslims martyred in the holy land fighting for Islam against the shameless Jewish people who have to bomb and shoot down school kids for chucking stones at them.

The Muslim world, from Pakistan to Egypt, Turkey to Malaysia and Iraq to the UK, has erupted with anger and disgust and for once is united against the 'kuffars' attack and insult on Islam's third holiest land.

So, what's going on in the Middle East, what do the Muslims and Jews really want and what is the role of the Muslims in the UK in supporting the Jihad?

SHARON ..or is it Shaitan in disguise?

Well, it was the visit of Ariel Sharon- the Shaitan in human form- to the mosque of Haram al-Sharif that basically kicked off the recent fighting.