Back2Basics with Ali Wannabe and Jamal!

By Sajid Iqbal & Irfan Khan

Jamal: Assallamu Allaikum Ali . How are you bro?

Ali Wannabe: Yo Wagowaan Jam. Not seen you's in bare time?

Jamal: Last time I saw you was in school. What have you been up to ?

Ali Wannabe: ME, I’m a businessman!

Jamal: Mashallah bro that’s good to hear. So what’s your business?

Ali Wannabe: I’m in the entertainment business. I chill people out.

Jamal: What do you mean bro?

Isn’t it time you did your bit…?

By Sajid Iqbal

There was a man born over 1400 years ago. A great man. A special man. A man who changed the world. A man who conquered the world. A man recognised as the most influential person in history.

A man who brought a message, a religion, a faith, a code of life and a system of life. A man who brought about the greatest revolution ever.

Today that religion and system of life has over 1.6 billion followers world-wide. This man is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)- Messenger of God.

Turkey of the Month - March 2005

In this regular slot, we at The Revival HQ shall name and shame people who we think are really damaging the Muslims, and basically are right turkeys.

This month, with the approach of the election (which may, or may not happen in May); there is no shortage of candidates for us to choose from.

Did You Know?

Next time you sit on a plane, look at the clock, go to the opticians or do some maths remember it is Muslims who invented and discovered these.


What we are told: The first mention of man in flight was by Roger Bacon & Leonardo da Vinci who drew flying apparatus?

Well... Actually Ibn Firnas of Spain constructed & tested a flying machine in 800A.D. (1) Roger Bacon & Leonardo da Vinci studied this work and copied it 700 years later.


Editorial - The Revival Reloaded

By Sajid Iqbal

Welcome to The Revival. A new and improved, bigger and brighter mag for the Muslim youth. Yes, The Revival is back after a few years of chilling and perfecting our suntan!

Now we are back again as the Voice of the Muslim youth - the biggest and brightest Muslim youth magazine, and it's absolutely free!

The Revival will be out every two months inshallah dealing with the everyday issues facing the Muslims today.

In every issue you will find some funky, weird and wonderful Regular Features including the likes of 'Back to Basics with Ali Wannabe and Jamal', 'Turkey of the month' and 'Media Review'.

An American view of Islam

By Dave - An American member from The Revival Forums

A little while ago somebody on The Revival Forum asked me what I had learned about Islam since I had begun posting nearly a year ago.

I hadn’t really thought about it in a while, but the truth is I no longer come to the forums to learn about Islam. That may seem a little strange; why else would an American and a Christian be on an Islamic forum if not to learn about Islam?

Islamic method of slaughtering animals: Scientific Not Inhumane

The Islamic method of slaughtering animals has come under attack by an independent advisory group and has hit the news headlines.

'The Revival' has responded with solid arguments to prove that the Islamic method is scientific and not inhumane. Now updated with more scientific arguments quotes, and comparisons with slaughtering of animals using non Islamic methods.

The Islamic method of slaughtering animals has been the object of much criticism from a of people.

The Prophet and the People who Opposed him

Abdul Malik Mujahid

Bleeding from head to toe, battered and exhausted, he was faced with a choice.

Should he or shouldn't he seek to destroy the people who had just humiliated him by having their children chase him out of town while throwing stones at him? And this was simply for sharing his message and seeking help for his people.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was in Taif, a lush town of green palm trees, fruits and vegetables, about 50 miles southeast of his arid hometown Makkah. He was hoping that perhaps the people of this town would be receptive to his message, which had been rejected by most of the Makkans for over a decade.

September 11 And Conversions To Islam

Sajid Iqbal

A year and a half has passed since September 11th 2001. Now you would have thought that the events of 9/11 would have made non-Muslims hate Islam and the Muslims forever.

You would have thought that the September 11 attacks would have damaged the name of Islam forever but you know what…

It made many people study Islam to understand who exactly the Muslims are and what they’re all about. It made people go out and buy the Koran and as a result many British, Americans and non-Muslims across the world have accepted Islam! The huge interest in Islam since September 11 has brought a massive increase in conversions to Islam as never ever seen before. Now let’s check out the facts:


The Observer

Ali G Inda House!

Ali G Meets The Revival

Ali G: Boyakasha! Me Is ere with me main man from The Revival. Easy Now!

The Revival: Hello Ali. how are you man?

Ali G: Me is wantin to know about Islam, and me heard that you can elp me

The Revival: We will try to help you

Ali G: So is you a Muslim?

The Revival: Yes I am

Ali G: For real, so what is a Muslim, cos me eard you is all suicide bombers and can have 4 wives, me likes the 4 wives idea - Aiii.