Editorial - The Revival Reloaded

By Sajid Iqbal

Welcome to The Revival. A new and improved, bigger and brighter mag for the Muslim youth. Yes, The Revival is back after a few years of chilling and perfecting our suntan!

Now we are back again as the Voice of the Muslim youth - the biggest and brightest Muslim youth magazine, and it's absolutely free!

The Revival will be out every two months inshallah dealing with the everyday issues facing the Muslims today.

In every issue you will find some funky, weird and wonderful Regular Features including the likes of 'Back to Basics with Ali Wannabe and Jamal', 'Turkey of the month' and 'Media Review'.

Also we will have your Questions answered, an eye-opening section called 'Did you know?' and on top of all that we will bring you all the latest Muslim news, a fun page and even have a couple of cool prizes up for grabs.

One of the main features in this magazine is an article titled 'Young, British and Muslim' which deals with what young Muslims go through. It's a personal account which covers issues of peer pressure, identity and becoming a practising Muslim. I'm sure we can all relate to it.

'Isn't it time you did your bit?' is an article by yours truly on what the Holy Prophet (pbuh) did for us and what we should be doing for Islam. We seem to have forgotten all the sacrifices and hardships done by our Prophet (pbuh). Hopefully after reading this we will all start to think about becoming active and practising Muslims.

Finally we have a piece by an American Christian on what he thinks about Islam and the Muslims. An eye-opening piece, which proves that we are all walking talking, adverts for Islam! Also don't forget to do our questionnaire: Test of Faith- it will give you an idea of what kind of a Muslim you really are! A radical, moderate or a non practising Muslim!

We at 'The Revival' believe in Muslims being politically active and having influence on decisions made about our society. The General Election is fast approaching. Its your responsibility to vote; make sure it counts! To help you decide, we discuss the main points you should consider in a regular feature 'What a load of Politics!'.

All in all we have a mega-packed issue full of facts, views, news, analysis that face the Muslims of today! So have a read and enjoy but most importantly let us know what you think.

If you can't wait two months for the next issue then visit The Revival website where you will find plenty of articles, news and views. Join The Revival forums - the hottest and biggest forums on the net - and discuss the latest topics.

On a final note: get to know your Islam, explore it, discuss it, live it, spread it and become an active practising Muslim. Get on board with us and let's create a revival.


  • The Revival is a youth magazine, which deals with all issues that face the Muslims today-especially the Muslim youth.
  • One of the unique aspects of The Revival is that it is written for the youth- by the youth. The only Islamic magazine that is written in the lingo of the youth.
  • The Revival aims to be educational, inspirational, activating and hard hitting with a touch of humour and sarcasm.
  • The Revival will encourage Muslims to be active religiously, socially, politically, and spiritually.
  • The Revival aims to get rid of the misconceptions about Islam and to build the bridges between Islam and the West.
  • The Revival is non sectarian.
  • The Revival is produced on a voluntary basis. No member of our staff is paid. Everything is done only for the sake of Allah(swt)
  • The Revival Magazine will be distributed free of charge

The Revival Team:

  • Editor: Sajid Iqbal
  • Sub editors: Irfan Khan, Alveena Salim, Zarin Khan
  • Editorial Team: Saadia Iqbal, Madheia Salim, Saydia Iqbal, Khalid Mirza, Naheem Zaffar, Adnan Khan, Shmoun Maqsood,
  • Scholars: Imam Manzoor Ahmed Shakir; Shaykh Salim Ghisa; Irfan Chisti; Jawed Iqbal
  • Sales and Marketing: Zahid Maqbool
  • Art and Design: Shaid Ayub, Ramzaan
  • Comic artist: Adnan Idrees
  • Finance Manager: Zarin Khan
  • Distribution: Jamil Chisti