Muslim Contribution To Britain

Zarin Khan

When did it all begin?

There has been a Muslim presence in Britain for at least 300 years. Yes 300 years! However, migration of Muslims to Britain on a large scale began in the 1950’s and ended in the 1970’s.

It has taken over 30 years for the Muslim community to mature and settle in a Western environment. It was done slowly but surely.

Number of Muslims in Britain

In 1951 the Muslim population in Britain was about 23,000. Ten years later, it was about 82,000 and by 1971 it was 369,000. 1

At present, there are an estimated 1.8 million Muslims in the UK, making Muslims the largest religious minority in Britain. 2

Number of Muslims growing!


By Alveena Salim

Have you ever actually sat down and thought about the people you hang around with (your bredrins!)?

Who are they? Are they alcoholics, drug dealers/addicts, wannabe G’s, playa’s? Do they regularly go clubbing? Are they involved in dodgy scams? Do they have lots of girls/boys on the line? Do they treat their parents like crap? Are they regularly involved in fights? Are they dodgy geezers?

You might be thinking “Who cares what they’re on or what they get up to- that don’t matter! We have a laugh when we get together”.

Islam Says 'NO' To Terrorism

By Sajid Iqbal

After the terrible terrorist attacks in London, everyone is pointing the finger at Islam and Muslims. So does Islam promote violence? Does Islam support terrorism? Is Islam a religion of extremists and fanatics?

The following traditions of Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, will clarify that Islam is a faith that promotes peace and harmony and one that is against violence:

‘A perfect Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe.’

Do You REALLY Know Him?

One is the best crosser of a football in the world today. One is the most influential man in history.

One shows no mercy in a dead ball situation. One is a mercy to all of mankind.

One is recognised as a famous celebrity in the world today. One is recognised as the greatest leader in world history.

One has thousands of adoring fans. One has almost 2 billion followers today who follow his every practice and teaching.

The 60 million dollar question is: Who do you REALLY know?

Whose life story have you read? Whose life do you follow? Who do you imitate? Who inspires you? Who’s your role model?

Profile: Sameer Alam

President of the BT Muslim Group.

Where were you born, where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I was born in Kenya and spent most of my life in Uganda. My family still live in Uganda. However I came to England for my A-Levels and University studies. Alhamdulilah after graduating I was employed by BT and have lived in London since.

As the President of the BT Muslim Group, what does your job entail

The BT Muslim Group's aim is to have a voice for Muslims in BT and help them in the growth at work.

Give Your MP HELL!

By Shaid Ayoub & Sajid Iqbal

In this regular section The Revival will argue why you should not just know your MP, be aware of what he or she is actually doing.... but give 'em hell!

It’s YOUR MPs job to represent YOUR views. No MP today can ignore the Muslim voters. So make sure YOUR MP knows what YOUR views are!

Now if you keep in contact with your MP and inform them of the issues that concern you, then it could make all the difference in influencing what issues your MP decides to focus on. This is especially true when MPs are entering parliament for the first time.

Turkey(s) Of The Month!

This months honourable award goes to EXTREMIST, RADICAL AND FANATICAL so-called scholars and Imams.

Individuals who brainwash young naive Muslims and promote hatred and violence. So-called scholars who have a misguided and fanatical understanding of Islam. Imams who turn innocent young peaceful Muslims into extremists, fanatics and even terrorists.

Those who have an incorrect and dangerous understanding of Jihad. Those Mullahs who believe killing non Muslim civilians through bomb blasts, suicide bombings is Jihad.

Editorial - Terrorism Has No Religion

The London terror attacks were a nasty piece of work by sick, pathetic, blood-sucking idiots. These attacks were a massive crime against humanity. This was a job carried out by crackpots who have no value for human life.

They wanted to kill anyone and everyone- black, white, brown, pink, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Atheist. These kind of people, and those behind them, need to be caught and punished big time!

So ‘who-dunnit’ is what everyone wants to know. The favourites are always Al-Qaeeda whether it was them or not. It seems that British Muslims were behind these terrorist attacks. And you know what that means don’t ya? Islam and EVERY SINGLE Muslim is put on trial.

How Can Reading Salaah/Namaaz Help Us In This World?

Shaykh Muhammad Salim Ghisa is a prominent young scholar in the UK. He has studied Islam in India, UK and Jordan.

After submission to the faith of Islam, Salaah is the most important form of worship for the believers. The purpose behind the Salaah is to remember the creator within regular intervals during the day. This will lead to a believer putting his/her full trust in Allah for all their day to day necessities. There are many Hadith advising the believers of the true benefits of Salaah and the beauty it holds for both this world and the hereafter.

I'm a single Muslim girl. Is it allowed for me to trim, shape or pluck my eyebrows?

Shaykh Muhammad Salim Ghisa

Shaykh Muhammad Salim Ghisa is a prominent young scholar in the UK. He has studied Islam in India, UK and Jordan.

The problem of living in the West is to try and keep up with the Western phenomena and this is done whether it means its Haram or Halal. We find sisters with perfectly formed eyebrows wanting to reshape them so that they will be part of the picture.

According to the Shariah (Islamic Law) it is not permissible for a Muslim girl to pluck, trim or shape her eyebrows as this is against the natural beauty that Allah(swt) has given to her.