Do You REALLY Know Him?

One is the best crosser of a football in the world today. One is the most influential man in history.

One shows no mercy in a dead ball situation. One is a mercy to all of mankind.

One is recognised as a famous celebrity in the world today. One is recognised as the greatest leader in world history.

One has thousands of adoring fans. One has almost 2 billion followers today who follow his every practice and teaching.

The 60 million dollar question is: Who do you REALLY know?

Whose life story have you read? Whose life do you follow? Who do you imitate? Who inspires you? Who’s your role model?

Is it a football celebrity known as David Beckham or the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him (saw)? Let’s find out who you really know shall we. Answer the following questions and put yourself to the test. Be honest. No cheating… and no Google searches allowed thank you very much:

David Beckham

  1. What is David Beckham’s wife called?
  2. Name two sons of Beckham?
  3. Where was Beckham born?
  4. When did Beckham leave Man Utd?
  5. How many footballs teams has Beckham played for? Who are they?
  6. How old is Beckham?
  7. Who was Beckham’s best friend at Man Utd?
  8. How long did Beckham stay at Man Utd?
  9. What number shirt did Beckham wear at Man Utd and Real Madrid?

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

  1. Name two wives of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?
  2. Name two daughters of the Prophet (pbuh)?
  3. Where was the Prophet (pbuh) born?
  4. At what age did the Prophet (pbuh) migrate to Madina?
  5. How many battles did the Prophet (pbuh) take part in?
  6. What age did the Prophet (pbuh) pass away?
  7. Who was the Prophets (pbuh) closest friend and companion?
  8. How long did the Prophet (pbuh) live in Makkah and Madina?
  9. What was the ‘stamp of Prophethood’ on the Prophets (pbuh) shoulder blades?

OK, so whose questions did you answer easily? On whose questions did you pull a funny face and look a bit thick? Beckham or Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

Now if you’re a Muslim and you know more about Beckham than the Prophet (pbuh) then what does that tell you? How sad is that!

If you know more about a football celebrity than the personality who gave us a code and system of life, rights for every one and changed the world- then you should be ashamed.

Don’t you think it’s time you read up on the life of the greatest man in history? What was his mission in life? What are his teachings? Follow his example and practice.

You see we all need a role model in life, someone who we look up to and aspire to be like. As Muslims our role model should be the Prophet (pbuh). If you want to follow the Prophet (pbuh) then you need to know more about him.

What were the Prophet’s (pbuh) likes and dislikes? How did he sleep? How did he eat? How did he treat his wives? How did he behave with the non Muslims? How did he treat his neighbours? If you don’t know how our Prophet (pbuh) lived his life, how can you follow his example?

Trying to find out the truth behind Beckham’s alleged affair or whether Victoria will ever release a new single, is information which is of no benefit to us, but knowing more about the Prophet (pbuh) will help us to answer the third question that is asked in the grave “Who is this man?”.

By following a football celebrity you will get 5 minutes of pleasure and happiness. By following the Prophet (pbuh) you will get a purpose in life, a code of life, a perfect role model, a peace of mind and a ticket to paradise!

So grab hold of a copy of the Seerah (biography)of the Prophet (pbuh) today! Know your Prophet (pbuh) and follow his way of life. Get hold of the following books/CDs on the Prophet (pbuh) and find out about your Prophet (pbuh):

  1. Muhammad, His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings
  2. The Life of The Last Prophet – by Yusuf Islam.
  3. Life of Muhammad by Taha Ismail
  4. Muhammad, Messenger of Islam by Amina Adil

These are available from all good bookshops.


A good book to study is The sealed nectar. Al Raheequl Makhtum.
Its available in french too.

'Allah gives and forgives
Man gets and forgets' Baba Ali