What Does Islam Say About Forced/Arranged/Love/ Secret Marriages?

By Shaykh Muhammad Salim Ghisa

Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and woman, which makes each other permissible for them to enjoy and live happily. Allah has described, in the most moving and eloquent terms, this eternal, natural relationship between man and woman, which is filled with security, love, understanding and compassion:

And among His signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: Verily in that are signs for those who reflect. (Quran 30:21)

Eid not weed!

By Hayder Khan

Finally the month of starvation is over, now we can don our expensive designer gear and head down to Rusholme in our pimped-out rides, waving our national flag, blasting the latest tracks and see what we can pull! Might just get a little mashed or have a few shots…and you have to have some weed man- chill out its have to have some weed dude...all in the name of celebrating and having fun!

WOOAAH… just hold on a sec there mate! Isn’t this the day we're supposed to have fun BUT also praise and thank Allah (swt) for the blessings bestowed upon us; as well as an opportunity to unite with the whole Ummah and join in together in enjoyment? C’mon people…what are we doing!

Be a Muslim for life - Not just 30 days

Alveena Salim

Once again it’s that special time of year again. The month of mercy and forgiveness. The month in which your dua’s get accepted and sins get forgiven. The month in which there’s a buzz in the air and everyone feels good. The month in which the religious people who lived before spent six whole months anticipating.

The month in which the dust comes of your copy of the Qur’an and the Mosques start to get packed out. The month in which tasty samosa’s and pakora’s are served daily at Iftar time, and the month in which millions of people all over the world strengthen and revive their relationship with Allah. Yep you guessed it- Ramadan’s Back!!!

Issue 3: Ali Wannabe and Jamal

By Irfan Khan and Sajid Iqbal

Jamal: Assallamu Allaikum Ali, Ramadan Mubarak to you

Ali: Eh...what Mubarak?

Jamal: Ramadan Bro

Ali: Has it started....I thought there was bare time for it yet?

Jamal: Woah......wake up man...this is the month we have been waiting for!

Ali: Why..are United playing Chelsea? Crap! I forgot to book the tickets man!

Jamal: Ali, Ramadan is the greatest month in the Islamic calendar and I've been waiting for Ramadan to start for ages, its such a beautiful month

The Revival: On the Map!

Zahid Maqbool, Media Spokesman for The Revival has his day in the media spotlight after attending a meeting with Home Office Minister Hazel Blears.

'I am cordially invited to a meeting of the Interfaith forum at the grand location of the council chambers in Oldham.' That’s what my email invite says.

Girl Power!!! In Islam

Written by Sajid Iqbal


“They have to walk 10 steps behind their husband”

“They can’t even work”

Yeah yeah, heard it all before and probably a lot more. What is it with people thinking Islam treats women as second class citizens? Don’t tell me, you sometimes wonder that too? Well STOP THERE, because you’ll be surprised just how many rights women are given in Islam. Not Convinced ? Read on ! You will soon realise that its not the Spice Girls who introduced 'Girl Power' but it was Islam.

Next time you think Islam oppresses women, a woman is worth half a man and that Islam treats them like second class citizens then never forget this:

What The Heck Has Politics Got To Do With Islam?

By Irfan Jalil and Sajid Iqbal

You're probably thinking what the heck has politics got to do with Islam? I know, you're thinking Islam is a religion and has nowt to do with politics. You've always been told Islam is about worship, prayer, fasting, obeying God, being good and other nice and fluffy things.

Well you know what, if that's your understanding of Islam then you're in for the shock of your life.

Ali & Jamal

Jamal: [Jamal spots Ali in the street and walks over to him] Salaam bro, how are you?

Ali: [Nah man it's him again!] Yeah I’m buzzin’ Jam. How is you?

Jamal: Alhamdulillah, I’m good. It’s been a month or so since we had a chat. What you been up to Ali?

Ali: I’ve been flexin’, chillin and dat.

Jamal: Did you give any thought to what we spoke about last time Ali?

Ali: Mmm... Yeah, yeah I have been thinking about it and I know your right but...

Jamal: Mashallah. So you ain’t gonna sell drugs anymore?

Ali: Woah woah easy bro... no need to chat like dat, some uncle might hears you and grass me up to me old man innit. You gets me?

Drugs: Weapon Of Mass Destruction!

The biggest Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) today is drugs. The most popular and easily available drug for youngsters today is cannabis, you might know it as "weed", “grass", "pot", "reefer", "joint", "hashish", "Mary Jane", “puff”, “skunk” and “wacky backy”.

The Revival takes you on a journey in the life cycle of a joint. We have spoken to people who are involved and affected by drugs.

The following are real life accounts of real people and they reflect the views of many people in similar situations.

Big Brother

By Sajid Iqbal

Big Brother, a programme where 13 people chosen from thousands of applicants, are asked to live in a house where there are hidden cameras placed throughout the house covering their every move... and I mean every move if you know what I mean.

Every week one guy or girl is evicted by the television viewers, who are given tasks to carry out and then are judged on their success as well as their behaviour, personality and deeds. The successful person at the end of the show is rewarded £100,000.