Turkey of the Month - March 2005

In this regular slot, we at The Revival HQ shall name and shame people who we think are really damaging the Muslims, and basically are right turkeys.

This month, with the approach of the election (which may, or may not happen in May); there is no shortage of candidates for us to choose from.

There is Trevor Phillips, head of 'The Commission for racial equality’, who has suggested that under performing black students should be separated from their classmates in order to improve their education and their parents should be banned from having access to them if they do not attend parent's evening!(1)

There is also Hazel Blears, from the Home Office who said Muslims should accept that people of Islamic appearance are more likely to be stopped and searched by police.(2)

But we think the Turkey of the Month belongs to someone who has far more power, and is using it in parliament seriously damaging not only the Muslims, but also the liberty of every single Briton. Yep that's right. The Turkey of the month for March 2005 is the one and only...wait for it... Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, for his ill thought out Prevention Of Terrorism Act 2005.

The act was recently rushed through parliament, without much debate, under the disguise of an imminent threat (remember when that was last used?) by terrorists within the UK, as the previous anti-terror legislation ran out on 14th March after being declared illegal under human rights law.

The new legislation is supposed to secure the nation. It may even make you a warm cup of tea in the mornings- well that is the line coming from New Labour.

However the replacement is an ill thought out piece of garbage which grants the government massive powers to limit the freedoms of the British people without any proof. It is part of a scare-mongering exercise to put people into the desired line of thought for the upcoming elections.

The Bill of Terror!

Terrorism related activity constitutes, but is not limited to:

  • The commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism
  • Conduct which "facilitates" terrorism-related activity
  • Conduct which gives encouragement (e.g. shouting 'Troops out of Iraq now!'...)
  • Conduct which gives support or assistance to individuals who are known or believed (yes, believed) to be involved in terrorism-related activity.(3)

Anyone considered by the Home Secretary to be covered by any of these can have a wide range of their freedoms limited by order of the Home Secretary. They do not pass court, do not have sight of evidence, do not even think of saying 'beyond reasonable doubt'.

In other words if you have helped someone who at some point Big Brother thinks may have been involved (directly or indirectly) in terrorism, you are also a terrorist. If you opposed the Iraq war you are a terrorist. Gave someone directions? YOU ARE A TERRORIST! If someone has helped you, they are now also a terrorist.

What does this law actually mean? It means if you are guilty of the above ‘actions’ then you’re life will be a living hell. The law can include:

  • Prohibiting the use of certain services, such as Internet or phones
  • Restricting work or business
  • Restricting association or communication with certain individuals, or other people generally
  • Restricting the person's place of residence or who is allowed into the premises
  • Requiring the person to be at specified places or in a particular area at certain times or days
  • Restricting movements within the UK or international travel A specific 24-hour ban on movements
  • Requiring the surrendering of a passport
  • A requirement to give access to specified people to his home
  • A requirement to allow officials to search his home
  • A requirement to let officials remove items from premises for tests
  • A requirement to be monitored by electronic tagging or other means
  • A requirement to provide information to an official on demand
  • A requirement to report at a specified time and place

Many Muslims already feel victimised by stop & search powers previously available to the police (4), all that this will do is make the situation much worse by reducing any good will between the authorities and Muslims.

So this is why, we at The Revival believe that the ‘Turkey of the month’ award should go to Charles Clarke, Home Secretary.

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