Turkey of the month

Issue 6: Turkey Of The Month!

By Irfan Jalil

This issue of the Revival has had the displeasure of having to sift through numerous candidates for the un-coveted prize of Turkey of the Month.

First off was the farcical raid by Sir Ian ‘Turkey’ Blair’s Metropolitan police on the home of two Muslim bothers and their family. 250 anti-terrorist officers in full protective gear and guns to boot forced themselves into a single terraced house looking for a chemical suicide-vest-type bomb.

Issue 5: Turkey Of The Month!

By Naheem Zaffar

Hello everybody. Long-time, no see. Many turkeys have managed to escape our grasp in the past few months. Its not really our fault, as we only nominate one person/group per issue. We can't then therefore, berate everyone for their stupidity.

Lets see what we have had recently, shall we? We have the infamous caricatures insulting every single Muslim that were printed in a Danish paper. Then we have the Danish PM who refused to even acknowledge that there was a problem. That is until the economy was blind sided by the 'sanctions' imposed by ordinary Muslims who refused to buy Danish products.

Turkey(s) of the Year 2005

By Naheem Zaffar

Yep, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s that time of the year again. Time to name and shame. Who are the people who have done the most damage to Islam and Muslims over the past year? The underlying theme this year for our turkeys has always been terror and terrorism.

We’ve had the Right Honourable Charles Clarke, for his heavy-handed anti-terrorism laws, and Sir Ian Blair for his attempted cover-up following the shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles De Menezes. And who can forget the ‘turkifying’ of fanatics who fan and support heinous acts of terrorism and butchery.

Issue 3 - Turkey Of The Month!

In this regular slot, we at The Revival HQ shall name and shame people who we think are right turkeys.

This month we nominate Sir Ian Blair. He has wowed us by lying more than the other, more famous, Blair!

A Brazilian national, Jean Charles de Menezes, was murdered by undercover armed officers in a highly bungled operation on the 22nd of July 2005 at the Stockwell tube station. Within hours of these dreadful events, instead of trying to uncover the truth, SIB went live on air, claiming the shootings were directly linked to the failed attacks on London the day before.

Turkey(s) Of The Month!

This months honourable award goes to EXTREMIST, RADICAL AND FANATICAL so-called scholars and Imams.

Individuals who brainwash young naive Muslims and promote hatred and violence. So-called scholars who have a misguided and fanatical understanding of Islam. Imams who turn innocent young peaceful Muslims into extremists, fanatics and even terrorists.

Those who have an incorrect and dangerous understanding of Jihad. Those Mullahs who believe killing non Muslim civilians through bomb blasts, suicide bombings is Jihad.

Turkey of the Month - March 2005

In this regular slot, we at The Revival HQ shall name and shame people who we think are really damaging the Muslims, and basically are right turkeys.

This month, with the approach of the election (which may, or may not happen in May); there is no shortage of candidates for us to choose from.

Turkey Of The Month! (May 2001)

Sajid Iqbal

Well, over the last couple of months the Russians have been continuing the torture of the Chechens, 7 Serbian soldiers have been charged for war crimes and genocide and the shameful Hindus have been burning the Quran.

But no, the proud winners of this month's award must go to:

Sharon and Bush - True partners in crime.

Both of them have been newly appointed and the first thing on their agenda was to crush the Muslims. The first thing Bush did was bomb Iraq and Sharon couldn't wait to kill more Palestinian Muslims by ordering the blockade. The Qur'an clearly states that the whole non-Muslim world is one and united against the Muslims.

© The Revival 2001

Turkey of the Month - April 2000

Sajid Iqbal

Who do you think has been a complete idiot over the last month or so?

Who’s insulted Islam and the Muslims? Who’s hit the headlines for the wrong reason? The Revival has nominated:

Vladimir Putin, Acting President of Russia.

A nutcase who’s only aim is to destroy Islam and the Muslims in Chechnya. He is responsible for the genocide, mass rape and torture of innocent Muslims.

Who d’you think deserves to be the ‘TURKEY OF THE MONTH’ ?