Issue 3 - Turkey Of The Month!

In this regular slot, we at The Revival HQ shall name and shame people who we think are right turkeys.

This month we nominate Sir Ian Blair. He has wowed us by lying more than the other, more famous, Blair!

A Brazilian national, Jean Charles de Menezes, was murdered by undercover armed officers in a highly bungled operation on the 22nd of July 2005 at the Stockwell tube station. Within hours of these dreadful events, instead of trying to uncover the truth, SIB went live on air, claiming the shootings were directly linked to the failed attacks on London the day before.

Once it was confirmed that the Brazilian had nothing to do with any evil conspiracy, SIB appeared again in the media and made many leading statements. It was implied by the Police authorities that Mr De Menezes was wearing unusually padded clothing, he was acting in a very unusual manner, and when confronted by the police, had bolted. Adding insult to injury, SIB tried to stop the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) from carrying out its investigation1, trying to keep this fiasco hidden inside the department.

A leaked report to ITV disputed these claims2, it was found out that Mr De Menezes was wearing a normal denim jacket, had caught the bus to the station, used his ticket to gain entrance, calmly using the escalators. He even stopped to collect a free newspaper on his way to find a seat on the train.

This was a highly bungled police operation, where police followed a man who had not been identified, as an officer was literally taking a leak! The 'suspect' was followed all the way to the tube station, and allowed to enter two potential target sites. If he was a terrorist he was given ample time to carry out carnage.

The police have a difficult job in protecting us, but when a mistake is made, hands must be held up, and mistakes accepted and investigated to help prevent tragedies.

In a time where all Muslims are being seen as potential terrorists, the truth is essential. Muslims be able to trust the police, and not feel they will be victimised for speaking up. We must believe the police are here to help us all. It is important for the police to show they are not criminalising all Muslims. It is essential for Muslims to be able to trust the police.

In such an environment, when the top dog is shown to be lying through his teeth, it is important he is exposed. Truth must never become a casualty of terrorism.

And that is why we nominate Sir Ian Blair for Turkey of The Month!