Gangsters Paradise...?

Sajid Iqbal

Is there heaven for a 'G'? Remember me,
so many homies in tha cemetery…
I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail? My life is in denial
And when I Die, baptised in Eternal Fire
…shed so many tears.

The lyrics of one of the most admired 'gangster rappers' today. A chap, who at 24, was shot to death. They call him Tu Pac - everyone's favourite gangster.

Today because of the likes of Tu Pac, Biggy, Eminem and Puff Daddy we have the biggest disease and the biggest cancer, which is spreading and destroying the nation.

It is destroying the Muslim younger generation and it's knocking on your door! You've guessed it? It's called being a big-time gangster.

So, what's a gangster then?

It's about being part of a gang from a certain area where you try to be the biggest and baddest boyz in town. We've all heard about the gang violence amongst the Muslims up and down the country because of a 'dirty look' or because of the supply and control of drugs or simply over a woman. We're talking about violence involving knives; guns, machetes where chaos is created and lives are lost over petty and meaningless issues. Parent's life is made a living hell and the community is torn apart.
Being a gangster means dealing in drugs and booze, nicking and fraud is a way of life… and where women, money and power rule your life.

So, why a gangster then?

Well the image of a gangster is so glamorised nowadays that when everything else fails and society has let you down then why not take control of your own life, be your own boss where you call the shots - be a gangster.

What's the attraction?

  • You're never short of money. You can earn a few thousand a day- better than £4.95 an hour at McDonalds!
  • You can have all the gals you want - and say no thanks to the offer of an arranged marriage in Pakistan.
  • You've got street cred. Everyone knows you. Everyone respects you - you're the man! Before no one even knew you let alone respect you.
  • You've got all the weed and booze you want and no one to tell you off.
  • You've got the best motors that money can buy and blast out the loudest tunes.

OK, so by being a gangster you're suppose to be having a cool life and you're simply untouchable.
Now how does a decent chap with good parents end up being or getting involved with gangsters and criminal activity?

Well, the main reasons why kids get this gangster idea and way of life is because:

  • Movies such as Goodfellas, Godfather, Snatch, Trespass, Boyz in the Hood and so on are gangster movies, which glamorise the idea of being a gangster.
  • Influenced by friends they hang around with. You hang around with a loser then he'll influence you and involve you in his criminal activities.
  • No job/cash - you need dosh and by being a gangster it's the best and quick way of making plenty of it.
  • Lack of positive role models: the only role models highlighted in society are the likes of Tu-Pac, Biggy, Eminem, Puff Daddy…and I suppose you've guessed who they are. So everyone tries to copy the way they talk, dress and behave.
  • Depression: when you're down the dumps drug, booze, sex can cheer you up!
  • No proper education: religious or secular. No education means no job and no real understanding of you're faith - so you look to other means and sources to get the best out of life.
  • No attention or love shown by parents/family - generation gap. You're sick of you're dad having a go at you all the time so you 'want out'- it's you're life 'innit'.


Before you think its 'bad' to be gangsters just think over the following points about life. When you look around the world what do you see:

1.Everyone has a loved one: wife, girlfriend, parents, friends, the bottle, pizzas, spliff.. After death all of them return and leave him there alone. No one goes into the tomb with him. - Why not make good deeds your beloved so it can illuminate your grave for you and to comfort you in it and not leave you alone.

2.People are following their lust and desires of the soul - sex, drugs and rock 'n roll - have you not read the verse: '…but as for whoever has feared the majesty of his Lord and has refrained his soul from lust, truly the Garden shall be his dwelling place.' -why not get real satisfaction in obedience to Allah (swt); only here you will get a true peace of mind- believe me!

3.Everyone is obsessed in getting as much wealth as possible and keeping hold on to it: money, houses, cars… don't you know God says 'what is with you must vanish, what is with Allah must endure'.

4.Everyone is after dignity and honour - they think its in women, tribe, people, money, cars, drugs but that is not what God is telling us: '..the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. ' Just think about this for a second or two… and it might change your life forever.

5.Everyone envies others of power, wealth, knowledge- you want to be the biggest and baddest in the business -why don't we understand that the process of dividing livelihood is entirely in the hands of Allah since the beginning of time. '…It is We who divided their livelihood among them in the life of this world.'
6.Today everyone are enemies of each other- we see fighting, hating people of other area, tribe, colour for petty reasons -one should understand that. '…Satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy.' Therefore, hatred and being enemies with anyone but Satan are not permissible.

7.Today we are obsessed with working hard for food and money and as a result indulge in haram- drugs, fraud, prostitution…. don't you know that sustenance (rizq) lies only in the hands of Allah. '…There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance dependent on Allah.'

8.Everyone relies on created things- why not put your trust just in Allah. '…And whosoever places his reliance on Allah, sufficient is Allah for him.' Just remember everyone else in the world can let you down…but not Allah… you just gotta put your faith in Him.

Don't forget…

Life is short so live it according to the laws of Islam. Learn and practise Islam. Success and peace of mind lies only in Islam. Death will overcome you one day - where's Tu Pac and Biggy now? Where's their power, money, women, drugs and fame now? It's time for them to be accountable for each and every action of their lives. You better be prepared otherwise you'll get a hell of a shock in the grave!

I will leave you with the words of Coolio from the track 'Gangsters Paradise':
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I take a look at myself and realise there's nothing left!

© The Revival 2001