Lethal Weapon: Young, Gifted and DEAD

By Zahid Maqbool

Walking down the street it is no longer enough to speak in rap. The gold rings mean nothing. Nor do the chains. There are two types of people out there. Those that carry and those that are dead. Bang bang.

La pistola. The Ultimate Badge of Honour. It says more than anything else. Who cares about the police? I own the streets and people fear me. And they should. I am the law. Disrespect me at your own peril. Bang bang.

Is there heaven for a G?

lmran Younis and Sajid lqbal

Are you a gangster wannabe?

Gangsterism means the way of life of a gangster. The word isn’t used much though, especially not by gangsters. Some don’t wish to call their way of life anything whilst others make a song and dance about it by using catchy words like ‘Thug Life’ and M.O.B or call themselves playas, pimps, hustlas, souljahs and the list goes on.

Gangsters Paradise...?

Sajid Iqbal

Is there heaven for a 'G'? Remember me,
so many homies in tha cemetery…
I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail? My life is in denial
And when I Die, baptised in Eternal Fire
…shed so many tears.

The lyrics of one of the most admired 'gangster rappers' today. A chap, who at 24, was shot to death. They call him Tu Pac - everyone's favourite gangster.

Today because of the likes of Tu Pac, Biggy, Eminem and Puff Daddy we have the biggest disease and the biggest cancer, which is spreading and destroying the nation.

It is destroying the Muslim younger generation and it's knocking on your door! You've guessed it? It's called being a big-time gangster.