Is there heaven for a G?

lmran Younis and Sajid lqbal

Are you a gangster wannabe?

Gangsterism means the way of life of a gangster. The word isn’t used much though, especially not by gangsters. Some don’t wish to call their way of life anything whilst others make a song and dance about it by using catchy words like ‘Thug Life’ and M.O.B or call themselves playas, pimps, hustlas, souljahs and the list goes on.

Whether it’s the crimes like drugs, robberies, credit card fraud, scams, murders, rapes, violence or it’s the non criminal acts like the lingo, raving, zina, alcohol and swearing etc. Everybody reading this has been affected by Gangsterism. I mean it’s everywhere you go, whether you are a gangster, know of a gangster, seen a gangster, met a gangster or want to be a gangster. You’re all familiar with the phenomenon of Gangsterism.

Today’s gangsters start from the common everyday thug with his/her Gangster garms (that thick massive silver chain which probably cost a tenner from market), weed/snouts, hip hop/garage/bhangra, with a pimped up ride or a crappy stolen car or in the passenger side of one. Robbing phones, swiping cards or doing scams etc.

Moving up to the O G’s of the ‘Hood’ calling the shots and destroying youngsters’ lives and using them for their own set ups. Then you have the national mafia’s with their imports and exports, organized crime and involvement in legitimate businesses.

Why would you want to be a gangster?

  • You want to be in with the rest of the crowd. The crowd is into 50 Cent, Tu Pac tunes + Al Pacino gangster movies (no disrespect to the talented actor) and imitating their characters- so you’ll do the same.
  • It helps make you popular and get friends if you’re a respected gangster. Respect is earned quicker by being a gangster.
  • It’ll really bring you the high life — money, cars and lots of girls.
  • People won’t pick on/bully you if you’re in control and they’re scared of you.
  • You could finally get that girl you’ve always fancied if she sees that you’re a gangster.
  • Life is bad. You’ve got no money. Parents are always fighting/separated or too strict on you so T.V and Music become you’re best friends and they tell you to rebel. So you’re gonna become a gangster.
  • You need to join a gang otherwise you can’t do anything to deter racist attacks.
  • You really believe that society has failed/is failing with its general set up so you’re gonna live by gangster rules to rebel against the system and live according to a code and system of rules that suits you.
  • The area you live in is run by gangsters on the street so you wanna represent yourself, family or people on the streets.
  • You wanna be a gangster to protect yourself from other gangsters.
  • You need to make the easy money cos you’re naturally too [banned word]/lazy to qualify as anything professional and education is too hard for you.

Gangster today – prison tomorrow

The result of trying to be a gangster = you get sent down! Muslims already form 8% of the prison population. 73,000 recorded prisoners in 2003 means there are now at least 5840 Muslims in prison and it’s rising . Over 65% of these prisoners are young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty.

This huge figure does not include youngsters under the age of 18 who are in custodial care. Over 1000 of the 5840 Muslim inmates have committed crimes relating to drug use or drug pushing. So one in five of British Muslim Prisoners have been convicted for drug related offences) And these are figures of only those that have been caught!

WAKE UP PEOPLE: The world isn’t run by gangsters. The world doesn’t need gangsters. The world doesn’t need ‘ghettos’. So if the area you live in is one of these ‘ghettos’ that rappers rap about then do something positive about it to change the bad things about it.

Gangster rappers

SO take a step back for a minute and think — who’s your favourite rapper or most influential gangster? E.g. 50 Cent — who’s his idol — it’s Tu Pac — who’s his role models — Marvin Gaye, Huey Newton and Malcolm X.

Marvin weren’t a gangster. Huey was a great and courageous hero for Blacks in America and all oppressed people in the world. Malcolm was too and he was also a practising Muslim and a hero of Islam and Muslims worldwide. He encouraged positive work and intellectual development by leading the example himself. Malcolm used to be a gangster and ended up in prison for it. It was in prison where he decided to be different from the rest of the convicts and gangsters by devoting himself to learning about Islam and the meaning of his own life. Who was Malcolm X’s hero/role model — the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself, who leads you straight into the love, mercy and reward of Almighty Allah(swt).

Is it worth living the G lifestyle?

So why give your heart, mind and soul the torture of the long route that’ll only lead you to prison, drug addiction, financial problems and self destruction? Not forgetting that you will be making your parents life a living hell! That’s just the outcomes this world. When you die you’ll join your homies and gangster brethren and be escorted by frightfully ugly creatures straight to hell itself. So is it all worth it?

Today a lot of the youngsters look up to and wanna be like ‘Gangsters’ including SOCent, Tu Pac, Biggy, Snoopy Dogg, Diddy (or whatever he’s called now) and even gangsters of the past like the Kray brothers and Al Capone. Why choose a role model at the bottom of the influence ladder when you can have the influence of the best of mankind and that’s the example led by the Prophet (pbuh).

However if you ain’t on that level yet to reach to him directly then take the example of the closest one from the positive chain of influence to you. It could be anyone from the companions of the prophet (pbuh), legendaries like Salauddin, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali or Muslim youngsters in your own community like that brother you try to avoid every time you’re at mosque during Jummah. Talk to that brother and ask him to help you change your lifestyle.

Don’t give it up and go back to gangsterism

You know you can change. As for the bad friends, well if they’re your true friends then they’ll appreciate you doing something good with your life, and you may have a chance in helping them change too, If they don’t understand or appreciate your new lifestyle and you don’t think it’s appropriate any more chilling with them, as their lifestyle doesn’t help you or makes you wanna throw up, then don’t be afraid to leave them. They’re not gonna be with you in the grave.

Most importantly for all gangsters reading this — take a moment of silence and really think about the world and your life in it. Think about everything you’ve witnessed and experienced and then ask yourself — where is this leading me?

Gangsterism if the exact opposite of Islam

And its head is Mr. Shaytaan a.k.a DJ Iblees who cannot help man but only destroy him by lust, greed, jealousy, envy and hatred. Islam’s God is Almighty Allah and He (swt) will never let you down no matter how many times you slip and fall. He(swt) will always lift you back up. You just gotta call on Him(swt).

Islam is about making you a better person for society and paradise as a reward for you. Gangsterism is about how to make you more dominant in society, preferably be feared and therefore a ‘badder’ person in society; its possible reward is a fake paradise on earth. In Islam there is forgiveness and mercy but in Gangsterism it’s revenge and ruthlessness.

Many Gangsters from Muslim families claim Islam is their religion because they have a Muslim name and family and know how to read Arabic and how to perform the prayers. Some would also pray the weekly Jummah Salah. If that’s what you do then do it all the way without being a gangster or at least try to without giving up.

Don’t say “It’s hard Bruv I don’t know if I have it in me”. If you’re strong enough to beat someone up, run from police and take all the risks you take as a gangster then are you not strong enough to ask for forgiveness, change your ways, and adapt discipline in your life?

  • Islam gives you a proper purpose in life where you can live a meaningful and very happy life.
  • Islam helps you become a good person no lies, cheating, fraud etc.
  • Islam gives you discipline.
  • By being a good Muslim you help other and others help you.
  • Peace of mind, happiness and no fear.
  • No fear of being clocked and banged u in prison for life.
  • People like you for YOU not cos you have the money and not cos they’re scared of you!
  • You get genuine mates not mates who just use you.
  • You still get “nuff respect” but the decent Islamic kind. A practising Muslim is respected in the sight of Allah (swt).
  • You can treat and serve your parents well, not use and abuse them as a gangster!
  • You know you could be dead tomorrow, Islam helps you prepare for the life hereafter

You gangster or Muslim?

You cannot call yourself a Muslim because you pray Jummah in the daytime if at night you’re gonna go clubbing, selling the weed, doing the scams or have a blazing session cos it’s Friday and you wanna get high. Then at best you’re just a hypocrite and at worst you’re still a gangster. It’s not about “Only God can judge me”. Your Ummah is there for you to help you.

Think of Gangsterism as a way of life an Islam a way of life and then choose one. I mean you wouldn’t choose certain principles and practices from Hinduism and Islam and still call yourself a Muslim, now, would you? So why do so with Gangsterism and Islam? Choose between the two Gangsterism or Islam? You Gangster or Muslim?

I will leave you with the words of Tu Pac: Is there heaven for a ‘G’? Remember The, so many homies in the cemetery… I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail? ‘My life is in denial. And when I die, baptised in Eternal Fire...