Issue 4

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What a year it has been! Blimey... I think it’s one for the Muslims to forget. Or is it? Well, let’s find out shall we. First of all we had the terrible and unforgettable bombings in London which were carried out by four Muslims. Not exactly what we needed, was it? As a result every Muslim was seen as a potential terrorist and suicide bomber! The media had a field day, doing its best to demonise Islam and the Muslims.
Haroon Rashid from Bolton travelled to Kashmir to help distribute the money and aid that was collected from the UK. Here, he gives his personal account. We returned exhausted from our mission of transporting aid to the earthquake stricken region of Kashmir on behalf of the people of Bolton. Mentally and physically drained from the reality of our experience, nothing could have prepared us for what we witnessed.
Ok, admit it. You may be fifteen, or you may even be twenty-five, but there’s no way in hell you can get away with doing anything behind your parents’ backs. You get the third degree if you come home from school or work five minutes late. Your mates can stay out late clubbing, partying, and smoking sheesha whilst you have a silly four-thirty curfew... that is to say, 4:30 pm.
Jamal spots Ali in the street... Jamal: Assallamu Allaikum Ali, How are you bro? Last time I saw you it was before Eid. Eid Mubarak Ali Ali: Eid Mubarak to you as well Jam. Eid was phat. Me got me new clothes, had a sick was buzzin’. But I remembered what you said and spent time at home as well. All 10 minutes of it....hahaha Jamal: My Eid wasn’t the same because of the Earthquake in Kashmir. That was terrible and sad news... Ali: Yeah, bad buzz.
Are you fed up with your Mosque? Are you tired of the constant in- fighting? Are the women being sidelined? Is there even a place for women in your Mosque? Do you understand the Friday Khutbahs? Does your Imam cater for the needs of the community? Do you wish that your Mosque did more? Is your Mosque the centre point of your life? The Revival has come up with some ideas of how to improve our mosques and passionately argues what every mosque should do. 1. Dawah/ Non Muslims A regular course on dealing with and answering misconceptions against Islam.
lmran Younis and Sajid lqbal Are you a gangster wannabe? Gangsterism means the way of life of a gangster. The word isn’t used much though, especially not by gangsters. Some don’t wish to call their way of life anything whilst others make a song and dance about it by using catchy words like ‘Thug Life’ and M.O.B or call themselves playas, pimps, hustlas, souljahs and the list goes on.
Manchester University student Hayder Khan, member of 'The Revival' Editorial Team, was invited to a consultation with Prime Minister Tony Blair. Here, he gives his personal account of what went on: ‘You have an opportunity to communicate directly with the Prime Minister’ said the letter from 10 Downing Street. ‘A consultation with young Muslims in the UK’ it said. Wohooo!
So who has been a great role model for Muslims this year? Who has carried out great work? Who is the individual who has done us proud? Well first of all we had Amir Khan for his boxing achievements, then we had sisters Yvonne Ridley and Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood for their tireless efforts in dawah, media and education. We had a list of scholars including the likes of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf who have portrayed a very positive image of Islam in the West.
Shaykh Salim Giza Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. It is not a religion of hate and destruction. Whilst Islam like any other religion or nation has a right to defend itself and it’s followers from enemy attack, there are clear guidelines for this. When it comes to dealing with non-Muslims there are two categories of a non-believer, 1) themselves 2)what they believe. It is not permissible to hate a person or human being but rather one can dislike and disagree with what they believe. How Did Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) Treat Non Muslims?
By Naheem Zaffar Yep, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s that time of the year again. Time to name and shame. Who are the people who have done the most damage to Islam and Muslims over the past year? The underlying theme this year for our turkeys has always been terror and terrorism. We’ve had the Right Honourable Charles Clarke, for his heavy-handed anti-terrorism laws, and Sir Ian Blair for his attempted cover-up following the shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles De Menezes. And who can forget the ‘turkifying’ of fanatics who fan and support heinous acts of terrorism and butchery.
1 - It's time for Maghrib prayer, and Eastenders is on at the same time. What do you do? A - Watch Eastenders of course! It’s a one hour special today. B - Watch Eastenders and then rush to read Maghrib, with the episodes events still in your mind. C - Read Maghrib, you don’t watch Eastenders. 2 - How many prayers (Salaah) do you read in a day? A - I don’t pray - ever! B - I read my Jummah, read the Eid prayer twice a year and read a prayer here and there. C - I try to read all five prayers a day. 3 - How did you fast in Ramadan? A - Didn’t fast, it's too hard.
Issue 4 comic strip. Enjoy. Or not.