Test of Faith: secular, part time or practising Muslim?

1 - It's time for Maghrib prayer, and Eastenders is on at the same time. What do you do?

A - Watch Eastenders of course! It’s a one hour special today.

B - Watch Eastenders and then rush to read Maghrib, with the episodes events still in your mind.

C - Read Maghrib, you don’t watch Eastenders.

2 - How many prayers (Salaah) do you read in a day?

A - I don’t pray - ever!

B - I read my Jummah, read the Eid prayer twice a year and read a prayer here and there.

C - I try to read all five prayers a day.

3 - How did you fast in Ramadan?

A - Didn’t fast, it's too hard.

B - You locked off from your girlfriend/boyfriend for a month. If you’re a girl you adopted the scarf for a month and if you’re a boy you wore an Islamic hat or had a stubble for a month.

C - It was your favourite time of the year, you tried your best to fulfill the rights of Ramadan and tried to continue your good practices even after Ramadan.

4 - So how did you celebrate Eid?

A - With your mates of course, you hired out a limo, got decked up and spent the day on Wimmy Road chillin’ and getting high.

B - Read Eid prayer in the morning and spent the rest of the day out and about with friends.

C - Read Eid prayer and spend the day with close family, Eid is all about family after all.

5 - Someone hands you a leaflet telling you about an upcoming Islamic programme. What do you do?

A - You use the leaflet to throw your chewing gum away.

B - You give the leaflet to someone who you think would definitely attend.

C - You decide to attend the programme and offer to help out too.

6 - You've just returned home with heavy bags of shopping for your mum. You also got caught in the rain. Your mums tells you that she forgot to ask you to get the milk, do you...

A - Scream, shout, rant and rave - you're convinced that your mum don’t care for you and accuse her of being stupid and inconsiderate.

B - You mutter and curse under your breath but leave to get the milk... loudly slamming the door on your way out.

C - You calmly pick up your keys and ask your mum if there’s anything else she wants you to pick up whilst your out.

7 - How do you describe your marital status?

A - Playa, one just aint enough!

B - In a long-term relationship, hoping to get married soon.

C - Single/Married.

8 - How would you describe your social life?

A - It's Heavy!! Time is spent cruising with mates, hanging around street corners, clubbin', booze, drugs and fast cars.

B - Usual stuff - chilling out with mates, shopping, cinema. Don’t go clubbing or touch alcohol, that’s totally wrong!

C - Very hectic! Always busy involved in the Islamic programmes my local Mosque is holding.

9 - What are your future plans?

A - Got a heavy new scam coming through, worth a couple of G’s at least…

B - Get married to my girlfriend/boyfriend then go and do Hajj and sort myself out.

C - Looking to study the Deen further, and live the rest of my life a decent practising Muslim.

The Results:


Just because you were born in a Muslim family don’t mean that you have a free ticket to paradise. You’re living your life like a non-Muslim, carry on like that and you’ll be unhappy in this world and in the hereafter. Ask for forgiveness and sort yourself out!


You try to be a good Muslim, but you’re weak. God knows your weaknesses so ask Him to make it easy for you to become a better Muslim. Don’t put off practising Islam, you never know when death will come knocking on your door.


Wahaay!! Looks like you’re sorted, you’ve managed to incorporate the teachings of Islam into your lifestyle, and living in the West this aint easy at all. Keep up the good work and ignore them people around you who try to bring you down to their level.