Newsletter - May 2001

Published May 2001

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Is there heaven for a 'G'? Remember me, so many homies in tha cemetery… I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail? My life is in denial
Cats Eye Nebula
The picture is taken by the NASA Hubble space Telescope of one of the most complex planetary nebula ever seen, NGC 6543, nicknamed the "Cats Eye Nebula".
So brothers and sisters, to increase your Iman Read the miracle, read the Quran Here's a fact for the ones who are keener
What a year, was 570 A.D. A person was born, a prophet to be Muhammad (saw), that was his name People were misguided and that's when he came
Let me tell all of you a simple duua After answering the call of nature say Ghaffranaka(1)
WIN THE TICKET OF A LIFETIME! Ticket: one-way (return ticket not available.) Cost: absolutely free.
Al-Haj Abdur-Rasjid Skinner embraced Islam 25 years ago. He is married to a Muslim and has six children.
Here are 5 sayings of the Prophet (saw), which are directed to each and every one of us.
How many times have you read an Islamic book or listened to a talk that contained fancy Arabic words, and you didn't have a clue what the geezer was chattin' about?
Yep, that's exactly what you'll be saying when we tell you about teh amazing facts about Muhammad
Well, over the last couple of months the Russians have been continuing the torture of the Chechens, 7 Serbian soldiers have been charged for war crimes and genocide and the sham