A Duaa A Day Keeps The Devil Away!


Let me tell all of you a simple duua
After answering the call of nature say Ghaffranaka(1)

When goin in to do the above, don't think twice
Just say Allahumaini auzubika minal khubsi val khubais(2)

Before eating anything, start with Bismillah(3)
And end with Shukur Al Hamdullilah(4)

When a sneeze comes your way, say Al Hamdullilah(5)
And on hearing this everyone say Yar Hamoo KullahDiablo

On remembering a bad deed, while cruising in your car
With a sincere heart just repent and say Asthagh-firullah!(7)

Just before you sleep, instead of counting a star
Say Bismika Allahuma amootu va aahya(8)

Three words light to the mouth, heavy in reward
Subhan Allah(9), Al Humdullilah , Allah hu Akbar(10)
Always praise the Lord!

Follow the above advice for a place in paradise!

  1. I seek forgiveness from Allah (swt) (on exiting the toilet with your right foot)
  2. Oh Lord, I seek refuge from the filth and the filthy (on entering the toilet with your left foot)
  3. In the name of Allah(swt)
  4. Thanks and praise to Allah (swt)
  5. All praises be to Allah (swt)
  6. May Allah (swt)'s mercy be upon you
  7. I seek forgiveness from Allah swt
  8. In Your name Oh Allah (swt) We die and we live
  9. Glory to Allah (swt)
  10. Allah (swt)is Great