The Birth Of Israel: Behind The Scenes

Sajid Iqbal

Main Points On How And Why Israel Was Created

The International Colonialist Movement in the late 19th C which in order to solve the 'Oriental Problem', aimed at cutting up and dividing the Ottoman Empire among the world's imperialist powers.

The British French and German secret services works eagerly to advance their imperialist interests by encouraging Jews living in their own communities to return to the so-called promised land - Palestine.

Due to its geographical importance, controlling Palestine gave control over the heart of the Arab world and was the crossroads of both the Old and New Worlds.

The establishment of a Jewish homeland would sever the link, and break the unity of the body of the Arab world in Africa with Arabs in Asia, due to this homelands position in the heart of the Afro-Asian land.

This also enables the Zionist base to direct the struggle against Arab liberation movements and achieve control over international communication routes and the resources of the region. (1)

Herbert Samuel, the British Zionist who later became first British High Commissioner in Palestine, scored a success for the Zionist Movement within the British Government.

He presented a memorandum to the government in 1914 proposing the creation of a Jewish state. With the help of Great Britain and the USA, he then requested the British Government to give the Jewish organizations all the facilities required to set up settlements, establish educational and religious institutions, and to open the doors of Palestine to Jewish immigration so that. in the course of time the Jewish inhabitants grew into a majority and settled in the land. (2)

As regards the population, the General Monthly Review, which the Mandate government published, estimated in its march 31. 1947 issue that the Arab, non- Jewish inhabitants numbered 1,400,000 while the Jews numbered 589, 341. This clearly proves that an absolute Arab majority prevailed in Palestine on the eve of the declaration of the State of Israel.

The Zionist movement succeeded in increasing the no. of settlers from 24,000 in 1882 to 589,341 in 1947, or from 5% to approximately 42% of the total population, thanks to the help and policies of the Mandate Government which had a task the creation of such a majority. (3)

In its aggressive war in 1948, Israel occupied an estimated 20,700 square km compromising nine whole administrative districts and five sub-districts out of a total of 18 districts inhabited by a majority Palestinian population of approximately 904,000 people while the number of Jews in Palestine at the time was a mere 589,341 people. After the completion of the Zionist plan, the Palestinian majority dropped approximately 120,000 to 130,000 people.

This resulted in operation of population substitution and expansion of territory unprecedented in history. (4)

The Zionist movement paved the way for these evictions and expulsion in the international arena by issuing resolutions calling openly and frankly for the eviction of the Palestinians from their country.

Thus the British Labour Party passed a resolution in 1944 to encourage the Arabs 'to leave Palestine' while Jews would be encouraged to go there. (5)

A new policy under the slogan 'Judization of the Galilee' was brought forward with the aim of depriving the inhabitants of Palestinian cities and villages of their means of livelihood and at tightening the grip of them in order to limit their natural growth and development.

Nazareth, capital of Galilee, was the first victim of this wave for around it there were in 1953 some 51 Arab villages with a population of 84,000 persons. Between the years 1951-1976 Israel established 250 settlements as part of the third phase of settlements. Diablo

In 1977 Menachem Begin (leader of the Herut Party) and the Likud coalition leaders declared that the West Bank and Gaza were part of the 'Liberated Land of Israel' and consequently settling on any and every part of it, including the heart of Palestinian areas was an absolute right.

The Israeli Government follows the Zionist myth that says the Palestinian people do not exist. (7)

During a single year from January 6 1982 to January 6 1983 the Israeli authority imposed 77 curfews on 27 Palestinian towns and 25 closures of school and universities.

It also gave way to trading and private investment deals by Israeli companies and individuals who started buying, selling and building lands and houses.

The Israeli Govt. for example gave permission to an Israeli private company to build a new settlement town east of Qalqilya at a cost of 200 million dollars.( Dirol

Successive Israeli Governments undertook a series of policies to transform the West Bank and Gaza strip into the worlds single biggest market for Israelis goods and almost completely closed to foreign imports, now 20% of Israeli exports are marketed in these areas. (9)

More than 49% of the labour force on the West Bank works in Israel and is exploited by Israeli employers and is deprived of its right to enjoy health and other insurance benefits. Moreover, the military authorities carry out measures of oppression and persecution to provoke the population to hasten their 'voluntary' departure.

The facts (10) speak out for themselves:

  • More than 24 000 houses were blown up since 1967 on the pretext that they harboured guerrillas.
  • More than two-thirds of the west bank inhabitants have gone, at one time or another, to interrogation centres or to jails and more than 3000 are continually being held in prisons, subject to all form of torture.
  • All form of collective punishments are being put in to practise such as curfews, mass detentions, repeatedly forbidden from travelling or even taking their goods to sell their goods outside their area of residence.
  • Education in schools and universities is interrupted with students and teachers kept away.
  • 1560 Palestinians such as presidents of universities, union, labour, professional and education leaders and various personalities and politicians considered representative of the peoples aspirations - were sent into exile.


There is strict surveillance on newspapers, banning thousands of books and limiting the circulation of newspapers appearing in Jerusalem. Writers, journalists and men of letters are put under house arrest.

Due to the above oppressive tactics the number of 'emigrants' reached 100,000 between 1968 and 1980, which equals half their natural population increase. In 1983, 83% of the natural increase (20,000) was eliminated by emigration (17,000).

The annual rate of population increase of the Palestinians in the West Bank also dropped from 2.4% in 1974 to 0.6% in 1981, and in the Gaza Strip and North Sinai from 2.8% to 2.2% in 1981. (11)

The settlement policy aims to steal land, water and all Palestinian human and natural resources, and to implement an operation of human substitution, the first ever of such dimensions in history, executed by means of carnage and terror plunging the Palestinian people into unbearable economy, security and psychological circumstances. (12)


'…Israel has been and remains the single beneficiary of the United States foreign aid. For the fiscal year of 1982, United States aid reached the amount of $2.2 billion. Of that, US$1.46 billion in foreign military sale credits, including US$550million in grants, an increase of US$50million over the previous year. In economic assistance US$785 million are allocated and the administration wanted two-thirds of this in the form of grants. The Congress increased the sum of 100%, which means an additional US$262 million in grant aid. The 'memorandum of understanding' between the US and Israel… has an economic package amounting to US$200million for Israel.' (13)


  1. It is based on the negation of the existence of the Palestinians as a people. Their conception of the PLO as a terrorist organisation is merely a cover for their denial of the existence of the Palestinian people.
  2. Their belief that they are not only the chosen people of God, but His real estate agents and inheritors. When the Israelis confiscate the land of the Palestinians, they believe they have liberated it. When they kill the owner of this land they believe they have implemented Gods will. An obstacle to Gods will, a gentile, is eliminated; the killer a Jew, the agent of God is freed.
  3. The governing circles of Israel, and its Zionist political parties, believe that might, military excellence and superiority are the only means of statehood.

Launching preventive wars against neighbouring countries and raiding Palestinian refugee camps, the Israel governments believe, are the only preservatives of Israeli expansionism.

Balkanisation of Arab countries into tribal and sectarian states are the only guarantee of the Israeli states exalted existence.

Strategies of short and long turn ranges are drawn to fulfil Israel's might.

The US and Israel should recognise that their policies of expansionism and the denial of Palestinian right of selfdetermination are disastrous for both sides.

The Middle East is not a perfect playground for the game of nations to be played upon recklessly. The US leadership will one-day witness the wreckage of their foolish policies.


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