The Revival World News - November 2000

Sajid Iqbal

Oil Power

There are a few men in the world who are capable of bringing the world to a standstill, they have the power to bring western powers to their knees, even the mighty war machines of the world will render fruitless before these men……so who are they, are they the FBI, or CIA, or the leaders of the G5 nations, or may be the free masons (who ever they are), or even …

Actually it's neither of these, although some of them may have some power in the world, but not the absolute powers mentioned above. What if I was to tell you that these people are actually Muslims….." yeh yeh" you're thinking "you're gonna tell me that 'Clinton' and 'Putin' are Muslims now are you".

Before I tell you who these people are I would like you to think back to the current fuel crisis which nearly brought life in some European countries to a standstill including Britain because a few protesters blocked off oil refineries.

Where does the crude oil upon which the whole world relies upon and are facing great dilemmas because of it, come from. It comes from a few Muslim countries. "So what you're thinking?".

To put it simple, the Muslim leaders of these countries have the power to bring the world to their feet, as they can raise the price or totally stop the supply.

So, the reality is that the Muslims are not as weak as they are thought to be, as they do not need to be super powers to defeat the so-called super powers.

PAKISTAN - I'm warning you Musharaf!!!

The chief Executive of Pakistan General Pervais Musharaf has been meeting major political leaders of Pakistan over the past year of his military rule.

Recently he had a meeting with Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul- Qadri who is the chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) which has emerged as a major political party of Pakistan.

In his two and a half hour meeting with the general, Dr Qadri made it clear to him that he was not satisfied with the governments achievements over the past year and the government has failed in implementing it's promises.

He told the general that he only supported the government due to the governments proposed policy on accountability, but the government does not seem to be sincere in carrying out accountability of the corrupt politicians who robbed the country during the governments of Nawas Sharif and Benazir Bhuto.

After the meeting, speaking to a press conference Dr Qadri said that the general has promised to carry out accountability especially of the corrupt politicians. Dr Qadri said that if the government does not make any progress regarding accountability then he will start a movement against the government.

He added that true democracy can only be achieved through effective accountability which will root out corruption, the main cause of Pakistan's demise.


Ann Summers Ltd is owned and operated by the Jewish Gold family of the UK. They are the wealthiest Jewish family in the UK. Their other corporation's holdings under the name of Gold International Ltd includes the publication of pornographic magazines. Ann Summers in particular is a filthy and disgusting source of sexual perversion , marketing sex "toys" like whips, vibrators and many other "products" of similar nature. Their website promotes violence by and for women by featuring an animation of a woman with a whip getting shot in the head!

Ann Summers plans to set up a sex shop at the Mecca International Mall. This is nothing less than a declaration of war on Islam and the Muslims, and has been facilitated by the munafiq regime of Fahd the Fat.

This is a direct insult to the Muslims of the whole world that threatens the sanctity of Mecca and its function as a direction for Muslim prayer. It assaults the integrity of the House built by Nabi Ibrahim (AS) and rescued by Rasulullah (SAW).

It mocks Hajj, the annual pilgrimage that must be performed once in a lifetime if possible. And it allows the Zionist filth a place by proxy in this holiest of cities from which the Zionist filth are utterly forbidden.

The evidences that Ann Summers plans to establish such a shop in Mecca, and that it has received permissions from the munafiq regime are as follows: