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Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri declares suicide attacks ‘un-Islamic’

Islam does not permit at all the massacre of innocent citizens, and explosions, and suicide bombing in business centers, streets and markets, and mosques, national installations, and other public places. The terrorists and their groups are perpetrating obvious deviation and digression from the Islamic teachings, and, are spreading rebellion and militancy, and massacre and carnage, and disruption, dissension and strife on earth. The officers and men of the armed forces, and the law enforcing agencies, and the innocent citizens falling victim to these terrorist activities, and laying down their lives in the discharge of their sacred duty of the defense of the motherland are doubtlessly SHAHEEDS, the martyrs.

Al-Hidayah 2007!

Al-Hidayah 2007

24 to 27 August (Bank Holiday Weekend)

In the Company of Shaykh ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri

Our fantastic annual spiritual and educational retreat will again be held in the pleasant and unique surroundings of Heythrop Park Hotel Golf & Country Club. Shaykh ul-Islam will continue his fascinating and insightful Dars on Sahih al-Bukhari. The 4 day residential programme over the August Bank Holiday will include other great guest scholar speakers, and evenings of Nasheed and Dhikr.

Do you work?

Hey guys!

You know how much I love you all and your the most coolest and sweetest people on this earth, you do know that and if you didnt you know now.

I have a wee favour to ask those of you who are working, i need help with my project, its a questionaire which needs those willing to help can you pm me your email address so i can send you the questionaire. ( if you aint comfortable doin that i'll pm you the survey but it means more work for me Cray 2 ).

Oh yeh Admin/Ed/Muslimsis/Seraph - i knw u guys work so please, pretty please?

Hayder on Hajj Radio

I dont knw if anyone missed it or wanted to avoid listenin to Hayder - understandable Biggrin but i found this on Minhaj forums and Mujahida has linked it on the events section.

As Hayder will be on the radio, this would be a good opportunity to ask questions on "Eid not Weed" article also generaly just to support the Revival.

Irfan-ul-Quran Translation - Prime TV

Salam, hows ramdan goin for everyone?

Neway thought i would share somethin with you all...

Shaykh-ul-Islam Prof. Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri will be on Prime TV every weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at 4pm Inshallah (as long as the schedule goes to plan).

Also Shaykh-ul-Islam’s elder son, Brother Hasan Mohiuddin Qadri does the Irfan-ul-Quran Translation (regarding ayaths on Aqaid) every day at 4am-5am also on Prime TV (for those lazy ppl like me :oops: , if that's to early set your video to record at that time). Its excellent and definitely recommended