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Many Asians 'do not feel British'

More than a third of British Asians do not feel British, a BBC poll suggests.
The research among the under-34s for the Asian Network found 38% of the UK residents of South Asian origin felt only slightly or not at all British.

More than a third agreed to get on in the UK they needed to be a "coconut", a term for somebody who is "brown on the outside but white on the inside".

ICM Research interviewed 500 Asian people aged 16-34 and 235 white people aged 18-34 between 4 and 12 July.


this thread is basically about people who take the piss

u do one thing for them and they take advantage of ur goodness and ask for more and more


-people whom u help with assigments, spend money on and give lifts to all year and they cant even be bothered to give u a birthday card at the end of the year

-u pick up a neighbours kid from school once and they expect u to do it everyday

-people who want YOU to do all their work for them and expect u to write their name on it

-people who expect u to ruin ur own life just so someone elses life will be set

-people whom

Men 'no less chatty than women'

The common notion that women are the more talkative sex has been dispelled by scientists in the US.
Researchers who bugged 400 students to log their chats found little difference in word count between the sexes.

The University of Arizona study, in Science, conflicts with previous US research suggesting women talk almost three times as much as men.

Whether someone was an introvert or an extrovert was more important, said relationship experts.

In the study, women spoke a daily average of 16,215 words during their waking hours, and men 15,669 words.


Laughing so hard, your face hurts

A hot shower

Getting mail

Lying in your bed, listening to the rain outside

Hot towels out of the dryer

Finding the sweater you want, on sale at half price

Chocolate milkshake

A bubble bath

Having someone tell you that you're beautiful

A long conversation with an old friend

Waking up and realising you still have a few hours to sleep

Finding a $20. bill in your coat from last year

Sweet dreams

Swinging on swings

Watching a good movie with someone you love

Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired gift

Winning a competition

Making chocolate chip cookies

Riding the best roller coasters over and over

who's pretty boy then?

"Sirus"][quote="Mr Honey's Day Out" wrote:
The "New Man" is a good thing, basically an all-round nice guy who can act like a gentleman and still help with the washing up, not to be confused with emos and spoiled, camp fashionistas. None of those are so new, but men have had to take more account of chauvinism. Hasn't filtered through to all of society though. Some of what MuslimSister is saying I can barely relate to, like these tough-as[size=12]s[/size] kids. I don't like that.

They may call it the new man, but i wouldnt say its actually a new thing.

What/who do u admire

there's this asianlady i know

came into this country as a refugee

was brought up in poverty

single mum with difficult kids

and yet earns upto 60K successfully managing a primary school as a headteacher

and is only 26/8

i look at her as an asian woman and think that if she can do it - any one can

pls list the people/events that u admire and why


we'l use this thread to share our skills and talents

we'l also ask others 'how to' do stuff that we dont know how to do

I'l start

how to get ur moneys worth at a buffet

-DONT keep on refilling ur coke - that'l make u full up
-DONT fill up on pasta's and bread, save that till the end
-eat slowly.
-when ur full - sit back chat for a bit and soon u'l have room for more


Islam says u gotta be humble and down to earth

but if u dont believe ur "all that" - who is?

i have a cousin - bless her she's so lovely in every way. But doesnt have a high opinion of herself in fact she thinks that everyone else is better than her

arrogance in others is a MASSIVE turn off

but at the same time

confidence is a very attractive trait

so, do you guys think your "all that?" :twisted:

or are u really just not "all that" and u have no issues with stating it? *coughAdmincough*