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Bad Hijaab Days

today i realised that many girls spend almost as much time on their hijaabs as they do with their hair

went to Green Street with my sister today and we went to POSHAK MAHAL the most famous hijaab shop in whole of UK Dirol

spend ages checking out the scarfs-prices started at £2 and went up to £50

the amount of choice was phenominal-

after woulds we got some pretty hijaab pins-only a few years ago pretty hijaab pins didnt even exist

my sister stood in front of at least 4 mirrors today-trying to fix her hijaab up

sumtims in a rush when the hijaab is not put on properly-they whole

Goodness Gracious ME

i've been watching GGM repeats on Sky these days

I've forgotten how funny that programme was

post all asian/exagerrated stereotypes here-NO COPY PASTE JOBS

also post weird rules that ur parents may have/did enforce on u

my family from back home never let me lean against/touch their precious creamy white walls :roll:

i also have a melodramatic extended family

Pupils 'must learn about nappies'

Teenagers should learn how to bath a baby and change a nappy, a teachers' union will suggest.

Issues of discipline for toddlers and teenagers should also be covered, the national conference of the Professional Association of Teachers will hear.

Lynn Edwards, outgoing national chair of the association, will call for compulsory parenting classes for 14 to 16-year-olds.

She said many people became parents with little understanding.

Other mags/newspapers

other then the Revival which of course is the best magazine in the world Dirol

what else do u guys like reading?

i spend a lot of money on Asian Woman/Asiana and most girly fashion magazines such as sugar, bliss etc

sometimes I'll buy "Hello" to see what the celebs are up to or will buy some cheap 60p magazine which features real life accounts which I read on long bus rides

i don't buy or read newspapers EXCEPT for "Eastern eye"

what mag/paper do u guys reg buy

Oppressed women

this morning over breakfast mum was telling us about a couple of women who live on my road whom she visted today

one woman who is married to guy who is in jail with a life sentence was seen with two teeth knocked out-apprently her father in law did that

another woman was forced to sign a document that stated that once she gave birth she is not allowed to be in contact with her baby-she also reg gets beats from her in laws

another woman is trying to look for a refuge centre after she's been beaten up by her in laws

another lady had her head cracked by her hubby for tryng to get in c

Hijjabing lil Girls

my baby sister who's 8 wears a hijaab

she's wore one since she was 6

when she's out and about with me i tell her that she doesnt have to wear it-when i pick her up from school and its hot-i let her take it off

my sister and mum dont give her that choice

as a little girl she's not fussed either way

i started to wear a scarf when i was 9-IMO I was told to wear it too young

many girls i know who were told to wear on when they were young took it off when they become teenagers-i too went thru a on/off period

when's the best age to start covering up?

Let me put the cuppa on...

why the hell do paki's drink SO much tea?

and has anyone actually tasted how yucky paki tea is? and how long it takes to make it?

is anyone here mad about tea and drink 5-6 cups a day?

aint too much caffiene bad for u?

are u a coffee or a tea lover?

and how can u drink tea in this heat?

english tea is the best Dirol

btw why DO many people think that all the problems in the world can be resolved by "putting the cuppa on" :roll: