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Females intelligence discussion...

You people are closed minded. I just didn't wake up one morning and think... "hay am going to claim women are intellectually inferior to men" I've seriously thought about this. In the academical science men consistently outperform women... See the science/math and engineering fields. Women dominate in trivial fields, such as home economics, nursing and support teachers.


"MuslimSisLilSis" wrote:
i've been watching GGM repeats on Sky these days

I've forgotten how funny that programme was

post all asian/exagerrated stereotypes here-NO COPY PASTE JOBS

also post weird rules that ur parents may have/did enforce on u

my family from back home never let me lean against/touch their precious creamy white walls :roll:

i also have a melodramatic extended family

Watching TV is haram.

Isn't wearing makeup haram?

I have seen many Muslim girls wear makeup and also have a hijab on. I mean thats just silly. They are not only bringing [i]gunnah[/i] on themselves, but they are making "pious" Muslims like me sin by looking at them.

They should cover up fully. Or I need to get married so I can apply this hadeeth to my person life:

A woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil; [b]so when one of you sees a woman[/b], [color=red]he should come to his wife and have intercourse with her[/color]…(Shahih Muslim 8.3240) Wink