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Revival Update Please?

Salaam Dear Revivalers,

Firstly, CONGRATS MUSLIM SIS!! Biggrin

Welcome to the married people's club! Wink Don't get too stressed by the wedding planning, just enjoy every moment of it as these few months leading up to the big day will be over before you know it. May Allah (s.w.t) bless you abundantly as you start this new chapter in life, baarakallahu lakumaa wa jama'a baynakumaa bil khayr, Ameen. Smile

Questions regarding Shi'ism

i'm sure most sunni muslims are in the dark with regards to many shi'a practices. being ignorant about something often makes one more prejudiced, so now that we have a shi'a member on the forum, maybe it will do us all good to pose any queries we have to him.

other threads in which myself and other members posed questions have been locked, so i want to outline some rules for this thread:

- No Shi'a-bashing.
- No sahaba-bashing!

Niceness between Siblings

"MuslimSister" wrote:
However, for some reason my niceness never extends to my siblings...

i actually found this comment of MuslimSis' quite interesting, couldn't reply to it in that thread as it would've been off-topic and it's probably deserving of its own thread anyway, so...

why is it that we are so nice to a complete stranger, yet harsh with our siblings? maybe not harsh, but just not as 'nice'? how many of us have no problem hugging our friends but when it comes to siblings, thats just awkward.

The status of Mohammed (s.a.w) in Islam

i went on the newsblog today after ages. dunno how many of you visit it and read the comments we receive about articles, but one in particular caught my eye and i feel it deserves a better response [size=7](no offence admin)[/size].

the article is about Mohammed (s.a.w): '[url=’t it time you did your bit…?[/url]' written by Ed.

and the comment was from 100man:
[quote]The begining is very similar to material that has been printed on flyers for years.


Hey guys,

just came across a really cool documentary which i thought i'd share with u, but creating a whole thread just for the one docu didnt make much sense so u can use this thread to tell everyone about any documentary (available online!) that u come across.

in this one, Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did 'Supersize Me', makes a devout Christian live with a Muslim family and practice Islam for 30 Days...

The politeness or otherwise of calling someone a kaffir

[b]EDIT: I knew this was a bad idea from the start.

Before we all get carried away this thread will be locked.

If you want to ask brother Malik questions regarding Shia
beliefs then please do so in another thread in a polite and
genuinely inquisitive manner.

------ Judge, Jury, and Executioner[/b]

another thread? that^ thread already was proceeding in a 'polite fashion' till Med posted on it. :roll: i guess it might be a better idea for ppl to PM bro malik their Qs?

[b]EDIT: Split from No Topic.

The 'Old' Revival Forums

Salaam all.

Having been away for a week, i've just been going thru some of the threads here, and what i see saddens me.

Many old members have left. whats happened to Shabnam, Latifa, Tara, Dave, Yashmaki.... to name a few. with these old members the forum used to be lighthearted and a welcome break from work. yes we'd learn things, but we'd also have a laugh.

nowadays its one new member after another, coming to taunt or argue. majority of the threads are no longer meaningful - all ppl do is argue over silly things.